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A friend got a hand me down go kart that is not running and I am helping him get it up and running. We don't have a manual or anything. I am brand new to go karts. This is what I have observed: It's a 48v 1000W engine/battery. It's atleast 5 years old. Lot's of Asian markings on it.

When I turn the key, the status lights go on and it appears the status is saying the battery is 100%(25%,50% and 100% are all on). Sorry I forgot to get a picture of the lights on. It's a wuxin e-bike status. Not sure why the focus was so bad on that shot. I looked this up and it's for an ebike, not a go kart, so im pretty confused.

I believe one of the knobs is for (R)reverse, (N) neutral and Drive (its cut off so cant tell). And I believe the other knob is (H)igh, (L)ow and (M) medium. I guess this controls the speed? On neutral, pressing the gas pedal does nothing. On other two settings, there is a high pitched noise, which I believe is coming from the motor. I believe it might of moved a centimeter the first time I pressed the gas, but I cant tell if I was just imagining things.

Pressing the brake doesn't seem to do anything. I believe the break is on the back right wheel and definitely, the motor and chain are on the left back wheel.

Turning seems to be hard on this thing. All I know is power steering on a car, so maybe this is what none power steering is like. Or it might be easier if the kart is going?

I did a visual inspection of the wires and I don't see anything obvious. They are held to the frame with zip ties, and a couple seem to be a little tight, but cant really tell if that is a problem.

One of the pictures ( with a hand it), seems to be some sort of power splice box? Some of the chinese labels had translations like "brake." It came separate from the kart, but I didn't get the story behind it. Maybe they got a replacement part and never had time to put it in? Or maybe this thing never worked and that was a part that they couldn't figure out what to do with? I believe he mentioned it was working at some point, but the kart seems suspiciously clean to me.

So where do I go from here. I am guessing I take a multimeter and check the battery has 48V? Then I take out the engine from the wheel and make sure it can turn without the chain?

Also was hoping someone could identify it and let me know the brand/model or where I can find a manual? But since I looked everywhere and I don't see any marking, could this not have a manual?

Thanks for any help!


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Pretty neat little Kart you got there. :)
For a free hand me down, your friend ''scored'' regardless .

I can't see where you are talking about stuff being cut off ??

I would just start by checking voltages, connections,, & switches,,, & let us know .;)

My money @ the moment, is that your problem is either a bad batt., or connections / switch contacts.

Am guessing there are 4 small 12v lead acid batts. lined up in a case ?

More than likely it's a bad batt./ batts.,, if it's config. that way, which it looks like it.

Those lead acid ''LA'' batts. sulfate up & boil out quickly,, especially from hi discharge rates ect.,, & if it's put away for along time, ''especially'' when very cold out,, & they are not kept fully charged,, that will kill them ''real quick'' .


Did you get the 48v charger with it ?

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...still cheaper than a boat!
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