Golden Motor HPM3000 Mount


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Anyone know where to source an "L" bracket mount for this motor? Assume I'll need 3/16" thick as 1/8" won't cut it. I suppose I could weld up a couple of plates and drill it out, but my welding lacks something to be desired. Be nice if there was an aluminum bracket that I could drill out.


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Ruhrpott [Germany]
oooohh it's electric.....:roflol:
*cough* well it's all in the topic and the forum title JT...
you could've known before ;)

Now. I know there's a flat plate mount for these motors but an L-bracket I don't know either.
Since it only adds material that is most likely too much or incorrect for some and not sufficient for others..
that simple watercut plate with the extra mounting holes to bolt it to say square tubing or such seems reasonable for me.

If you want an L-racket I think you will have to make your own.
If you can find a big enough piece of L-extrusion there isn't even any welding to do.. just cutting and drilling.
I know there are rather impressively large angle plates for machine shops.. but most of them are not only steel
but they're also mostly slotted and rather massive so cutting them to accomodate that motor might get tricky to say the least.

but if welding isn't your forté maybe you can find someone who's willing to lay down that bead for you...