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So this is my first time posting a thread so I'm not 100% on how everything works. This is also my first time actually building something and I'm loving it!

I'm building a chainsaw bike using a 42cc craftsman s145 14" chainsaw. I'm using a 10ft galvanized steel conduit and cut it half and mounted them horizontally on either side of the bike. My goal is to keep the pedals still working and put a 44t sprocket using a sprocket assembly which is going to be in within the next 2 weeks. The problem is the 415 chain will not fit on the existing chainsaw sprocket and clutch. I knew this could be the issue and that many people got around this by either welding a different sprocket on. I have a few questions:
What type of sprocket would I need?(I've looked up sprockets and have found some but would I have to weld it to the existing clutch? Would I need to get a new clutch assembly?)
Would it be easier to go a different route if so please explain?(I'm open to suggestions or any help is appreciated)
I have struggled so far but I'm having a blast learning.


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