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Hi there I recently purchased a drift 2 flamin kart from a friend for my son as it was his birthday and he has been doing so well in school.

So about a year ago when I visited my friend we started up the kart and the kids had some fun according to the friend I purchased it from that was the last it had been driven. Since I purchased it a few days ago my son couldn't get it to start so I inspected the carb and tank and found that there was water in there got the fuel tank and carb cleaned out put some fresh fuel in it tried starting it after a few failed attempts it started and then died.

I then continued trying to get it started and then the pull start got stuck and the engine would not turn over at all so I thought that it had siezed but then it started turning over again I haven't had the chance to look at the spark plug as yet (I think it might be wet from all the water) so I'm going to get that sorted real soon I just need the opinion of people with more knowledge of these karts (I even thought of buying a new engine but my wife does not like the idea)

What do you guys think?

I really want to get it driving so I can take my son some place fun to drive it after his awards ceremony which is in 2 days


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Dry it all out. Add 1 ounce of Sea-Foam to the gas in the tank. Pull spark plug and replace with a new one once you pull it over a few times and add some Marvel Mystery oil (about 1/2 teaspoon) to the cylinder. Then change the oil in the engine and fill with fresh after draining really well.
Now it is safe to try to start!


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What kind of engine does it have? Post pics of the kart and engine

Those karts are the closest thing to a classic go kart available these days (simple, no roll cage and no 12 dozen frame members all welded together).