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I have been wanting one of these for a while.
There is a metal table that is really cool called port-a-band saw table but it does not seem to fit the Bauer from HF. I may try to make one from metal one day, but I immediately started this wood table before ever using my new Bauer.

I watched a few YT videos to see how others approached the odd shapes of the saw handle and body and just squared it up using the pieces I had available from there.

I took some 3/4" plywood scraps and a few other scraps of 2x4 and 2x6 to make a quickie table to hold the HF band saw upright on its tail end.

20201012_200000.jpg 20201012_195901.jpg

So tonight I needed some small pieces of stock, so I started with the cutoff wheel and when the metal got too hot and short to hold safely I noticed my plywood band saw table sittin over there (untested) I tried it out.

I was really impressed with how the band saw cut the 1/8" stock like butter. And no heat buildup and metal dust all over the place like you get using a cutoff wheel.

Expensive ? not really IMHO.

You can pay for a HF band saw with the savings from 5-6 packs of name brand cutoff wheels and have a cleaner shop.

Its worth the investment to work safer if you ever gouged yourself with an angle grinder and cutoff wheel. Better tools are cheaper than an ER visit or co-pay at the doc in a box too!


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