Build Off is Open 2021!


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Have the Covid-19 lockdowns still got you bummed out? Have you had a long enough winter? Are you ready to put some metal together and build something awesome, while documenting the process and having fun?!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, boys & girls, it's finally here! Announcing your 2021 DIY Go Karts Build-Off Challenge!

After the mayhem and burnouts of last years contest, and the stress of COVID, we're ready for another round! So dig out that pencil and slide rule, buy a box of Tylenol, and start the coffee pot! The contest is ON again! Starting NOW!

Until December 31, build the coolest, craziest, most incredible motorized mayhem you can muster, for the title of 2021 DIY Go Kart Build-Off Champion!

Okay- so here's the SHORT VERSION of events to come.

Last Year's Builders

If you were part of a previous year's build and did not complete, you're still eligible. Please update your log and have a moderator move it back to the "Build Off" forum instead of the DNF forum.

New Builders
Effective immediately, those entering the contest will start a build thread in this forum subcategory . To start your thread, you'll need to post a pic of your primary parts source(s), pile, donor machine(s)... In that picture, you need to have a sign that reads "DIYGK 2021 - SPARKALATOR!"


Update Us!
You'll need to keep the build thread updated with lots of pics and info on how you're doing. The goal here is to show your progress and inspire others! And, it'll help keep you motivated!

The votes will be tallied based on several categories this year, such as "difficulty", "innovation", "awesomeness", "well updated build thread", and more. Those scores will all fit into the final tally! So update your builds soon, and update often!

After the contest deadline, the voting system will be unlocked, and all registered members will have 2 weeks to examine the entries and vote for their favorite builds.

More Info
Any DIYGK member may enter the Build-Off, so let the sparks fly!

Please carefully read the details below before proceeding. Good luck to all!

Full DIYGK Build-Off Contest Qualifications And Rules

Qualifying Vehicles-

1) Must be a small, personal-transportation type vehicle, capable of carrying the operator and any passengers, generally resembling (but not limited to) a go kart, mini buggy, buggy, minibike, pocket bike, etc.

2) Must be self-propelled

3) Must be powered by an internal-combustion engine(s), electric motor(s) or any combination

4) No automobile, truck, SUV etc chassis allowed.

5) Must run on any number of wheels, tracks, skis, or any combination of these

6) Must be "complete" by deadline date. For our purposes, "complete" means- Starts, runs and drives under its own power. Remote throttle must be installed and operable without operator touching engine. Remote kill switch must be installed and operable without operator touching engine. Braking system must be installed and functional. Steering system must be installed and functional. The purpose of this rule is not only to define completeness for the contest, but to help ensure safety. Paint and related aesthetic touches are not mandatory to qualify as "complete" but may affect scoring.

7) New entries must NOT be more than 50% completed prior to entry! If you have been building, please post some photos showing the build. We don't want to penalize anyone for being ambitious! But we do want to see the build process. Pics of the steps. Previously completed builds or lightly modifying builds for the contest will not qualify. As part of qualification, contest entrants will post a picture of the major parts source(s), including a sign showing the code word - SPARKALATOR!

8) Anyone that started a build on a previous year but never finished is qualified. If you started way back in the 2018 build and never finished, you're qualified to finish in 2021! Dig up your build thread and get it updated! (And let a moderator know to move it to the active forum of builds!)


1) Must be a member here!

2) May Join DIYGK in order to qualify for contest entry

3) Must maintain their DIYGK membership status in good standing for the entire duration of the contest. ie, don't get banned!

4) May enter more than one project for the contest

More Details-

* Contest commences NOW!

* The official start announcement will contain a PASSWORD. Entrants MUST start a build thread in the Build Off forum, and add that piece of cardboard or whatever with the official CODE!

* Contest ends December 31 2021. Any project NOT completed upon the official finish announcement on that date does not qualify for judging/winning. See official contest rule #6 for definition of "complete".

* Upon completion, builder must post photos of completed build. A video segment is NOT mandatory, but is encouraged. Builder should post as many details of build as possible, including parts sources/origin, costs, design elements and difficulties, specifications, gear ratios, etc. Voters should post questions for the builders during building and voting periods to assist in assessing the builds.

* In the event of a tie, winner will be determined by popular vote.

So, start planning & gathering & good luck to all builders…!


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Good luck to everyone as usual.

I will be out this year as I’m building a ATC 250r trike from the ground up currently. And yes it’s the engine from the minibike build.

Budget GoKart

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roachdale, indiana
i am currently building a go kart lawn mower so it can be street legal :cornut: its got the axle mounted in the back and engine plate and front axle welded thats all i still gotta set up my drive train, steering, axle, motor, fuel system, body, seat, paint scheme, custom ehaust, etc. its gonna basically be a go kart


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Good luck to all the participants. I'm sure that it will be fun and I can't wait to see how your building journey will turn out.


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Plan on building some type of machine that resembles an M274 military Mule. Will start with a Koehler 25 hp. Mower engine and a hydrostatic transmission/differential.