Advice on best axle bearings

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I am planning a few builds and need advice on the best axle bearings for each application. My next 2 future builds include a big minibike and a utility barstool racer (a barstool racer with a small dump bed on the back). I was planning on going with some heafty pillow block bearings for the barstool racer but I like the look of the bearing hangers that you see on most barstool racer builds. My axle is 1-1/4" .190. I am a hefty fella that's just shy of 300lbs and will be using the BSR (BarStool Racer) as a small utility cart around the yard to carry material and tools as needed. I want to be sure that the axle bearing will be able to support the weight. I figure that a quality set of precision bearings with hangers would suffice for most BSR builds but wondered if I would be better off going with some pillow block bearings and if they are better for higher load bearing applications. What are your thoughts and suggestions?


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bc, canada
The bearings are the same in most cases.. so go with what you like... in the end it isnt going to be totally under a ton of stress... the self aligning hanger will be fine.