Adult man child cuts up kids go kart for selfish fun

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I see. But the price is so in enticing lol. Anyway. Did some game planning on the kart. I lengthened the back of the seat. Next I will weld in the seat braces and drill out positions then finish support the back of the seat. Then

the seat will only be a frame that gets paint. No idea as to the cushion situation.



Disc brakes are for cowards
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...And it’s hard to turn when there is no weight on it.

Take apart the steering. Remove the king pins (vertical bolts) and the spindles from the axles and inspect. Mine have always been rusty, rough and pitted because water defies gravity and migrates into those joints. Polish the king pins, the hole in the spindles (you can use a bore cleaning brush chucked into an electric drill, perhaps a .45-50 caliber or .20 gauge shotgun brush) and every other part that pivots or rotates until they're as smooth as possible and then grease. A grease (Zerk) fitting added to the spindles is a good idea (drill and tap for it) and you can grease them periodically.

You may need new heim joints on your steering linkages too. The bushing in the steering wheel strut can also use a few drops of oil periodically.


Is anti Ackerman related to the anti christ?

The Antichrist is a 1956 Series I Land Rover, so most likely, yes. 😉