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Would that happen to be a 36 grit flapdisc on an angle grinder? My favorite too!

I use 7 inch resin coated sandpaper on a low speed grinder with 36 to strip paint before bodywork. A flap disk takes it off in a hurry, but a wire wheel is much gentler on the metal. I usually have frames sandblasted though.


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Yes you can also use an electric sander to reduce your work time and effort.

You don't have to worry about misshaping the steel because it is much tougher than the paint you are removing so the paint will be long gone before you start affecting the steel.


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Well since someone already bumped this thread, I figure I might as well add to it.

I recently bought a Craftsman Restorer. It's a relatively inexpensive 3" handheld drum sander, and it is friggin amazing for removing paint and rust from square tube and flat surfaces. They have several options for sandpaper drums, plus paint stripping rollers and wire brush rollers.

I bought it to do a unidirectional brushed finish on some aluminum plate for a job I did, but I use it all the time for all sorts of stuff now. It's much faster than a palm sander, and much less aggressive than a grinder. And the vacuum port on it is FAR more efficient at collecting dust than a palm sander.

I'm sure I'll burn it up eventually... It's just a cheap $100 version of a $1000+ surface finisher, but I would still highly recommend it.


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Thanks @anickode , I miss having a flat sander, and will check out the Craftsman.

OP, For a palm sander (5" Ryobi), I recently tried a new mesh disk that is supposed to be 20x longer lasting than traditional paper.

I think it is called Sand Net or something like that.

I used it on some furniture to prep for re-painting and was pretty impressed. I had to keep moving or it would quickly eat through the finish to the wood.

It never caked up or loaded up at all.

Also tried it on some painted and bare tubing with good results . It is possible to take off individual layers of paint, and does not load up like traditional paper.

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