25hp briggs vtwin intek vertical to side shaft conversion


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If you comprehend the original post you would see that he had oil pressure, then didn't. He speculated that the oil pickup may have fallen off, but his later posts never said one way or the other. Karls post indicated that these engines usually run about 40 psi at idle, so that doesn't really indicate an inherent weak oil pump design. The design pump in his image usually prime well and given a proper pick-up feel should work well for this situation.

Auto engine rebuilders commonly upgrade oil return systems, either by enlarging the holes, removing casting flash, and in some cases adding holes to improve oil drainback flow or location. One of the reasons is to reduce sludge formation.

And by the way - why are you bashing my solution to the problem, since, as YOU said "Also if you read my earlier posts I already suggested the same system you just did"? If the pumps were that weak, why did YOU suggest using it?

Not interested in this back and forth nonsense. I've suggested a style of replacement pump that is an industry standard for an external oil pump, and MY OPINION on how to modify the OEM system to work. Increase your post count as you seem to feel necessary, but I'm done addressing your need to bicker. I come on to these forums smart enough to learn from those who have something to teach, help people that want to learn, and ignore the opinions of the ones that only try to bully others that
differ in opinion.


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C'mon, sheesh! This forum has been inspirational for me for a few years now, because folks do express wide-ranging circumstances as a function of thoughtful discussion. I love to read about possibilities imagined by others, and to read about their past experiences that actually have happened. Folks' expanded thoughts, coupled with their experiences, is how I've learned a lot here and still do learn. The squabbles of folks whose ideas have drawn retort and don't like it are just wasteful, the whole purpose here is to express whatever you've seen or dreamed of so that it might be helpful to expand the view of others trying to solve a problem or create something.