2/3 Scale rail buggy


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Has anyone tried using front suspension from a Bombardier 650 DS ... or maybe a 700/600 raptor?
Lower weight 2 seat, stagger side by side. I vision Driver to be 6-8 inches forward of passenger seat.
Keep it a bit narrower, move the constant weight forward, Improve viability.
4 wheel independent susp. ... Will be testing an idea to use Roller derby or skateboard wheels on spokes in center of chain sprocket.
Driven plates pushed to them with 3 auto valve springs from a plate at bearing race on each side. Simple half shaft to each rear wheel.
Goal is to have it fit rear tires on the tail gate, full wide if needed. fronts ride over the wheel wells of full size pick up.
I have 2- 27HP Kawasaki water cooled industrial mower engines. ... Comet 94c drive.

** I'm getting a bit old and beat to put real power in a buggy this small. Trails not air-time.