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  1. Mr_mcrib212

    Volkswagen bug

    Well, guys, I've been saving up my money to buy a 1971 or 1969 Volkswagen bug. Both of them are 1000 dollars complete. The 1971 bug is a stock bug and is fully wired, the other 1969 bug is a Baja bug, but it needs wiring. Both run and drive but the only concern I have is they have been on the...
  2. Mr_mcrib212

    Go-kart engines not many people use but should

    1. 440cc duromax The Duramax has freaking 18 horsepower completely stock and it cost just as much as a 420cc predator which only makes 13 hp! That is almost as much power as a stage 4 predator 212 but is half the price. People should really start using this engine more often...
  3. Mr_mcrib212

    Budget Wooden go-kart (take 2)

    Hello all, it is me the incredible Mr_mcrib212 creator of the wooden go-kart, Currently, the engine shoots flames out of the carb, the whole go-kart is painted black, looks awesome but is a complete and total piece of crap. And I thought this would be a simple project. I was so wrong
  4. Mr_mcrib212

    Hello from California!

    Hi, I know I have been on the forum for a little while without properly introducing myself. I have been wanting to build a go-kart for a long time but never had the resources or experience to do it. With this forum, I have gained knowledge that helped me with my build. I have been looking to buy...
  5. Mr_mcrib212

    3.2 hp - 14cc 4 cylender engine

    So, as watching youtube, I saw this guy make a custom exhaust system for a tiny little 4 cylinder engine, I saw it and I thought it would be cool to own one, they can't be that expensive. WRONG...
  6. Mr_mcrib212

    Razor go-kart restoration

    My friend found this old razor drift force in the trash and he had nowhere to put it so he gave it to me. I plan on putting some small motor probably just a 24v and an old hoverboard battery on it or just use the old lead-acid batteries that eligibly ran the motor. PLEASE HELP ME!
  7. Mr_mcrib212

    budget wooden go-kart

    I am building a wooden go-kart with a wood I have laying around my house and a predator and a live axle kit from amazon and I hope that it will go 40mph