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    Torque converter on Tarantula frame

    I’m starting to build a Spidercarts Tarantula with 212cc Predator engine. Will a torque converter fit with the frame built as shown in the plans or will I need to make some modifications? I do not have a torque converter yet and can’t tell with the dimensions I have. Thanks for your help.
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    Clutch Install Questions

    Hello All, Finally got a 3HP Predator motor for our first go kart build. The keyway in my clutch is only about 1'' long and does not allow the clutch to go very far on the crankshaft. I thought this clutch (Max Torque #35) would mount inboard or outboard but the keyway does not go all...
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    cheap drive wheel

    Just starting to build my first go kart (Itzy Bitzy). Is it possible to bolt a sprocket on to a cheap 10'' wheel from Harbor Freight? I assume it is a hub of some kind. How would I know how long the hub should be? Thanks in advance.