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  1. Grind hard garage

    900cc ninja golf cart/buggy build 140HP

    Here’s the start to my 2003 Polaris “GEM” street legal buggy build, these come from the factory as electric front wheel drive street legal golf cart style cars. not many of these have been converted to gas . I’m lifting it up and pretty much making it into a truck buggy with a miniature truck...
  2. Grind hard garage

    900cc NINJA buggy build. HELP!!

    I’m putting my zx9r engine on a buggy build I need help and advice with the wire harness 1. Do I need the complete engine harness from the bike or can I just use bits a pieces. 2. if I dont need the complete harness, what are the key parts that I Need to use? I have all areas of the build...
  3. Grind hard garage

    Huge wheelie

    Wheels up high this time
  4. Grind hard garage

    Flipped the go kart again

    I welded a hitch on the buggy then flipped it over again.
  5. Grind hard garage

    Fix it/how to videos, clutches engines suspension

    Any request on how to videos? Let me know and I’ll upload a video on how to do it simplifies and share it in the comments. I’m stripping this Kart down and redoing mostly everything adding heavier duty parts and engine mods
  6. Grind hard garage

    Yerf dog 301cc wheelie and crash video

    It came up to hard and once the rear swing arm hit the ground it leaned to one side and flipped. I broke the frame when this happened. I also have more videos of me jumping it and breaking the frame at the welds again.
  7. Grind hard garage

    Installed electric start

    I put a predator 301cc in mine and fabbed up electric start using a “stater/alternator” from a Yamaha golf car. The stater and alternator is only $100 NEW! Here’s a video of the go kart running. These predator motors have a lot of power when geared and clutched right.i also upgraded to the...