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  1. Flyinhillbilly

    ARC Rod Bearing Replacement

    Stupid question, but you do have the rod cap off right? They should be easy to change with your fingers.
  2. Flyinhillbilly

    Reusing a billet rod?

    I its preventative maintenance. I run a 238cc Tillotson on my kart which is similar to a predator, but bigger. On a yard kart you can get a whole lot of enjoyment out of a built predator, we rpm the heck out of ours, so they’re higher maintenance.
  3. Flyinhillbilly

    Reusing a billet rod?

    Yes, I do it a lot actually. I race outlaw modified dirt karts and go through the engine every 4-5 races. I have a rod in one from 2014 that holding strong, and it’s seen 9000+ rpm on many Saturday nights.
  4. Flyinhillbilly

    Reusing a billet rod?

    I always replace the rod bolts when I replace the bearings
  5. Flyinhillbilly

    238cc Tillotson race motor build

    I’ve been putting off building this because I’ve been waiting on a head from a guy that I’m pretty sure has screwed me out of my $650 that I paid him six months ago. I’m trying to resolve that situation one more time, but I’ve decided to move on with the build since my daughter had to race with...
  6. Flyinhillbilly

    Why good chain guards are a good idea

    Today we had the first test nd tune at one of our local tracks. Overall it was a very good day, my dad is going to drive mine this year, and I’m going to step into a more supportive role running one of our local tracks. It was really fun to watch my dad settle in and get fast. My daughter has...
  7. Flyinhillbilly

    Really good video on selecting a cam

    Found this on YouTube. This guy knows what he’s talking about, and explains it in a way that most people can understand so I thought i’d share it.
  8. Flyinhillbilly

    Flow numbers for the predator

    I got a message today about 4pm that really brightened my day. The new head for my predator is done and has been tested on the flow bench. The numbers on the left are lift, the numbers on the right are the cfm at that lift. This one should bring the thunder.
  9. Flyinhillbilly

    New Tillotson billet head

    Well guys,it looks like Tillotson is raising the bar again. They’re coming out with a new billet head real soon. 36/27.5 valves, looks to be a top notch unit. I’m already on the list to be one of the first to get one.
  10. Flyinhillbilly

    My first hemi port job

    I had an extra hemi head, so I decided to experiment a little with it on the dingo motor. I’ve also been working on a GX399 carb that I’ve been working on that’s also going to be an experiment. I got the intake ported on my lunch break today, and I can get my whole index finger through the port...
  11. Flyinhillbilly

    30 series upgrades?

    So I’ve been looking at 30 series torque converters for my dingo project, and since I don’t know crap about them, I need some advice. I want to up the engagement as much as possible since I’ve decided to put one of my open motors on this thing. The more the merrier, how high can I make this come...
  12. Flyinhillbilly

    Revamping a Roebuck (Dingo?)

    A friend of mine told me a while back that he had an old go kart that he’d give me if I wanted it, and of course I said yes without even looking at it. We finally got together today, and I picked it and another one for parts. I thought it was a dingo judging by the description, but when I got...
  13. Flyinhillbilly

    MDB calls out Diesel Brothers minibike for a race

    Have you guys seen this? Minidragbike is calling out the electric minibike the diesel brothers built for a race. I for one would really like to see this happen.
  14. Flyinhillbilly

    Hooning with the ‘hood

    We had a somewhat nice day today, and I got the bbq grill fired up. While I was waiting for things to smoke we got the go karts out and started playing in the side yard ( not easily visible from the road ) we played chase and drifted in circles, and it wasn’t long before the neighbors started...
  15. Flyinhillbilly

    Check out my new billet valve cover

    I had the time bomb logo laser engraved because at the level we run them at they are complete time bombs. You stay on the maintenance to try to prevent it, but sooner or later something in it will become shrapnel. It’s like a time bomb without a visible clock, lol.
  16. Flyinhillbilly

    Stock predator on nitro I’m building a new motor for my daughters kart and was setting up the carburetor for 15% nitro since that’s what I run in mine and it’s easier not to have to carry three fuel jugs to the track. It impressed me so much on the stock motor that I made a video about it.
  17. Flyinhillbilly

    222cc predator build

    I’m building an open motor for one of my best friends, it’ll be stroked .080 and have a 2.795 bore making it a 222cc. We’re purposely pushing the envelope with this one as it’ll be on 25% nitromethane and 75% methanol to see if the block will take that kind of cylinder pressure. Specs are .040...
  18. Flyinhillbilly

    I bought a mystery box full of parts I bought a box full of parts without looking through it very well and made out like a bandit.
  19. Flyinhillbilly

    More goodies from Tillotson

    So there was a dad at our track raising Cain because the boys have been running predators which are technically illegal, but these are stock harbor freight predators that I clearanced for racing. They’re running $1200 pro built motors, and I can’t afford that, much less X2 so I did what seemed...
  20. Flyinhillbilly

    Got my new block today :)

    My new Tillotson block came in today. I’ve been on a waiting list for months, but it was worth the wait. This is a nice piece. 2.835 bore and factory reinforced. This one is going to go WOOPOW.