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  1. Jblankster

    V twin vs 6hp built vs big block stock

    So I'm debating the idea of running a Briggs or Honda v twin over a single piston now after I saw something interesting. Vtwin look at dimensions and weight Single look at dimensions and weight...
  2. Jblankster

    anyone here drift their karts?

    so i was thinking about getting into trike drifting but i want to buy/build a kart (see other thread) and i want to get a second set of wheels for drifting, this in addition to the engageable clutch another forum member is producing would would be insane. how to make drift wheels: 1. get...
  3. Jblankster

    Obtaining a race kart chassis, some questions.

    Thought I'd post it here since you guys have a lot of info. For my kart I will want to use a race chassis and I don't know some things and need to know before buying. 1. Are they size specific? I'm 5 feet 11 inches tall and I want to fit comfortably on it. But I don't want it too big for my 2...
  4. Jblankster

    Turbo fuel injected clone project. Oh and traction control too :)

    More to come I am gathering a parts list now and planning everything out. Should be good I hope. I know I've made a few threads before about it. This is the last and official one from me. I have learned SO much since then about everything from my Subaru wrx I will try to comine my knowledge...
  5. Jblankster

    Fuel Injection for small engines!!!

    so i havent posted in a a long while... LOL. anyway i ran across this a long time ago and forgot to post it up here. suprised no one has!!! it is THE perfect kit for someone turboing their small engines. :bannana...
  6. Jblankster

    after seeing this turboed small engine. ima build one too.

    just WOW! very impressive!!! more info if i can find a turbo for a decent price ima pick up a clone motor and defenitly do this! i have access to a CNC machine and CAD software...
  7. Jblankster

    clutch stuck on engine.

    well i feel very dumb after this. we have this 8 horse engine, old, sitting outside etc. that i finally get running great, decide to swap engines, well to make a long story short. the crankshft end where the clutch goes was rusted a bit, so i was able to get the clutch on with a hammer (first...
  8. Jblankster

    What engine to put on my kart?

    okay so heres my dilemma. i want to build a go kart and well i have to decide on some things. 1. Frame do you guys think i should Buy a pre built frame? or build my own? if i did, id try to find an oldish racing kart frame (a cheep racing one basically) and mod that to work with X...
  9. Jblankster

    Blue engine mod pack check it out, it seems this is for the blue engines, and is a pretty...
  10. Jblankster

    what to do with minibike

    A a a poke a bear with me I'm using voice activation software to type this because I'm lazy. Okay so here's my idea I currently have the setup on my minibiek, which is a jack shaft set up to the gear down below what ever. So as you see there that is hell is currently set up. Soul what...
  11. Jblankster

    im back

    sorry guys, I'm back. i was moving computers and I'm finally fixated and i can get back into my normal forum routine and will be on the site again :D
  12. Jblankster

    2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 unveiled

    and to get the OT ball rolling, i will post the second thread. After years of speculation, spy photos, and rumors, General Motors has finally revealed its 2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, which will be on display at the Detroit auto show in January. As expected, the ZR1 is the most powerful and...
  13. Jblankster

    2 quick things :)

    Can we add an off topic section? for just literally anything. post about news, cars help with other things etc. so wen were are not talkin about go karts we can have fun there :D and can we up the sizes on avatars? mines a little small :( (max limit 80x80)
  14. Jblankster

    how to section

    how bout it? i know theres some cool stuff people have done and can post how to's on them. like the alternator thing, or wiring up a dirtbike motor for a kart.
  15. Jblankster

    project motor.

    just got a free 5 horse briggs fun power go kart motor. and whowee! its gonna be a fun build. im taking it down to bare block and starting from there. it wasnt running when i got it, but it will be when im done here. there is some stuff that will need to be replaced (the flywheel. yucky rust...
  16. Jblankster

    6 hp craftsman tiller help

    OK so i got a 6 hp tiller off some guy for only $50!!! and I'm going to mod my friends go kart with this (his is only a 3) but my question is, it has some sort of transmission with reverse and i wanted to use it on the go kart. is this possible? its dark out now but i will take some pics...
  17. Jblankster

    electric start, no alternator!?

    ok well im contemplating what enging to get for my new street legal go kart project. and i need an electric start and a alternator for headlights and whatnot. but the one i was looking at (...
  18. Jblankster


    hey, I'm sorta new to the forums. just decided to post a welcome thread so lets see. I'm Not new to engines (I'm extremely experienced for my age) i know everything there is to know about them. but i basically hit a wall when it comes to performance parts for these smaller motors. I'm new to go...
  19. Jblankster

    project: diesel

    hi new here! and I'm now pissed. i just took 30 min to make this thread and my IE CLOSED. now i need to do it again LOL OK so sorry for the crappyness of the thread i just want to get it done now. i basically want to make a STRONG diesel go kart that will last me a long time. I'm going to be...