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    4 Word Story

    Just bought new toys.
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    60v Honda “three wheeler”

    My apologies it's been a while. Life has gotten busy, healthy but busy. I took the bike for a 11pm cruise around the lake (roads) by our house its about 5miles. This was back in october and everything went very good i didn't pass a single car- The road test was just to be sure nothing caught on...
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    60v Honda “three wheeler”

    I figure it’s about time I started my build thread. (Been lurking for a while) What I’ve got is: 1986 Honda 200x 60v 1800w geared motor 1/5 ratio - final ratio should be between 1:7 or 1:8 depending on my sprocket ratio- if I’m doing that right. 520 chain 520 rear 30tooth or 42tooth (already...
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    Aluminum sand casting/ projects

    Hello, I got into this particular hobby about 3-yrs ago. I needed a longer intake for a build and figured “why not make one”. (Pics) also needed another axle wrench (Pics). A tank scoop, (just seeing if I could do it). A bike front fork brace- (not usable) had voids. A front caliper...
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    My new guy post

    Hello, I’m just a young middle age married guy w/teenagers and some motorized toys:yawn: My newest project has begun and I’ve found myself lurking around your electrical go kart section for the past few months. I’m sure to have some questions along the way, but until then I figured I’d...