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  1. Brianator

    Mini Bike Frame ID (help please!)

    While "on the job" today I noticed this sitting just as it is in the pictures.... the ID tag has been rubbed/scraped off for some reason (second pic) :huh: Now, I don't know enough about these to even muster a guess as to what kind it is but based on the warning label (not pictured), patina and...
  2. Brianator

    1987 Suzuki quad AKA "The Ditchbanger"

    Well, alot of you here seem to like just about anything with wheels and a engine so I thought I'd start a build thread on "The Ditchbanger"! I stumbled upon this site while doing research on the best way to get power from the engine to the wheels, scouring threads for info and the hurldes you...
  3. Brianator

    Attention Canadian Members!!

    I just found genuine Comet 203589A belts on sale at Princess Auto for $29.99, down from $44.99! I bought 2 and I don't even need a new belt yet! :roflol:
  4. Brianator

    DNF - 2020 - Budget Offroader Build "The Offroadster"

    Well folks, I've decided to take the plunge and enter into the build off! I've been on the fence about it until this past weekend when I found a full sized ATV frame on the cheap. This is going to be my budget built, off road, full suspension shifter kart! I dont actually have a set budget but I...
  5. Brianator

    Built? Bought? What's your thoughts? (Kart ID please)

    I spotted this on the local buy and sell. At first blush I thought it was home built but then I started noticing things like the "control arms" (not sure what else to call them and the full tube frame. These are the only pics available and I don't want to contact the seller yet, any help is...
  6. Brianator

    Spanky's Jetting Guide

    I ask the moderators to please consider this to be stickied as I think it will help alot of people. Yes it's written for 2 strokes and some points can be ignored but it's a well written and very informative guide in which the principles can be applied to almost all carbureted small engines...
  7. Brianator

    Is someone able to identify this mini chopper?

    It Chinese made I'm sure, has a 50cc 4 stroke with electric start, a 4 speed gearbox and auto clutch. It measures about 5'4" from tire tip to tire tip. This thing hauls a$$ pretty good and sounds awesome! The only ID on it is a sticker serial number thats mostly rubbed off. Thanks for any help...
  8. Brianator

    My throttle linkage design

    Hey all, new member here and I wanted to share the throttle linkage I designed. I wasnt too fussy on the kits I saw you could buy online on various sites so I put careful thought, time and some patience into it and have come up with this. It's been working flawlessly so far and has ALOT of...
  9. Brianator

    Hello from Canada!

    Hey everyone my name is Brian. I'm into just about anything with a motor and have been working on them for a good few years now. I seem to be the "go to guy" to help get it fixed whether it's a car, power washer, trimmer, dirt bike, snowblower ect. and tend to rely mostly on my own skills and...