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  1. fowler

    Spark plug heli coil

    Does anyone know the thread size and thread pitch of a spark plug the 13/16 socket size type same as the honda's Need to repair an old kawasaki that the plug snapped off in the head good fun
  2. fowler

    work bench

    so almost 3 months ago i said ill build a work bench my small workshop is well small and full of junk but theres a large out door area with a full roof and enclosed on 2 sides my the shed and a big garden bed with bushes working outside in aus really isnt an issue as it never gets below 50*f...
  3. fowler

    those little wins

    So every one knows what i mean those little victorys u get every now and then 2 today So firstly i was resealing a hydrolic pump it has a type of hose that is secured with 2 1/2 clamps and 4 bolts The bolts in this case go though the clamp and a small block that holds a presure port I...
  4. fowler

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to everyone this side of the international date line Remember to control the drink But eat yourself sick And put out a thought from those not doing so well Or who can't be with family Have a great day
  5. fowler

    how to bend steel and trailer modifications

    so i need a spare tyre rack on my trailer so i found some steel and got to work to bend the steel plate 80mm wide by 3mm thick i cut slots in it with the grinder at equal distances then bend it up then welded up the cuts then welded the bend to the frame and braced it up then...
  6. fowler

    wood joints

    ok i lack a decent work bench and i have 15 of 8 by 4 inch by 8 metre jarrah planks that i got a while age to do a job that didn't eventuate only cost $100 for the lot only problem is a lack any wood working tools iv got a chain saw and a chisel this thing will be bolt together mostly...
  7. fowler

    EOI tecumseh parts for sale

    Got an engine on my lawn edger Runs fine But needs a few parts Cant find them over here Easier to get one of many hondas and bash it on Dont want to just ditch the tecumseh Ill break it p and post it if anyone wants any bits Costs what ever postage is Its a h60 All complete Leaks...
  8. fowler

    fireplace insert question

    How the **** do u edit in taptalk?
  9. fowler

    the most Australian street fight

    quite good not graphic or anything
  10. fowler

    everyone quickly name this imposter

    name this buggy or more so what was it before the Chineze got hold of it its SLX probably 600cc 3 cylinder single carb revs to 8k no worried has a H pattern 4 speed trans axle with reverse and an open differential it was purchased by a friend for $2.3k from a police auction though pickles...
  11. fowler

    yamaha ef1000 leaks fuel

    so for some reason my boss has decided i am good at small engines so hes given me this little yamaha ef1000 generator its leaking fuel and wont idle up i have never worked on a little generator but how hard can it be and there's a carton of 4x summer in it if i get it going enclosed are...
  12. fowler

    Drunk man on motorised cooler Check out this guy In our city On a very busy at the prime time of night Oh and an esky is a cooler
  13. fowler


    Well one is double sided Does it drive anoughter gear? Are they both the same thickness Dive clues but I can't help otherwise But I rekomend u get a bigger key though That ones too small On a differant note I know it's working now But this may be why it was less effective than a...
  14. fowler

    Air powered secateurs

    so i found a small pneumatic cylinder at work it may not be big enough but now the idea is seeded so its happening if its under powered i'll source a bigger one my first step is to convert a cheapy manual set im sure iv got it sorted but iv confused myself with not loosing too much...
  15. fowler

    Hold my beer watch this

    Warning some may be offended by language Do not attempt to recreate the stunt
  16. fowler

    So...How was YOUR day, honey?

    Floating around Facebook Pulled from an American news station in relation to the missing Malaysian plane Perth isn't close to there That's Hobart Perth is in mid southwest coast Come on It's like mixing up New York and Washington They could have googled it Now they look like...
  17. fowler

    My weekend purchase

    been needing a trailer for a while found this on friday 11 by 8 ft twin axle built in my hometown $1500 the paint job isnt too flash but no rust all the lights work it has drums but no cables or the hitch to actuate them and i dont think the previous owner was aware what the dust covers...
  18. fowler

    Matco tools

    Who's owned/used Matco tools Iv never heard of them till yesterday watching some rubbish midday tv about 4x4 modding They appear to have a wide range and some ingenious solutions As some may know, tool company's rarely manufacture their whole range them selves Which is why I'm asking about...
  19. fowler

    please help

    i purchased a manual from toyota for my pickup now all manufaturers programs are plain rubbish reguardless who makes it or what it does its always very slow amd full of glitches but this particular one doesnt work at all once loaded it just crashes before achieving anything toyota say its...
  20. fowler

    Happy straya day and triple j hottest 100

    Happy Aussie day to all the Aussies And if your after some good music triple j is the go Largest musical democracy