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  1. J

    thought id re introduce myself

    hi im an old member here but i havent been on in a while so i decided to reintroduce myself my name is jr julien
  2. J

    a simple trike idea

    my idea is to use one of those GT sleds as a frame for a small 3 wheeler go kart i thought of this idea the other day and im going to try it with my 2 stroke 32cc weed whacker engine as i wont be needing it for a while. some of my ideas for cheap parts are to use the front end of a 20in bike to...
  3. J

    welding tips

    i was hoping to start a thread on welding to help new welders learn a little to start them off on thier project feel free to post on any welding related topic
  4. J

    the private message box

    i think that people should know about the private message box {i just found out that it was there} so people can start using it so ill tell you how to get to it just look at where it says youre logged in {top righthand corner} and yoo see a link titled private messages and click on it and bingo...
  5. J

    good way to convert a vertical shaft to horizantal

    the other day when i was having problems with my grinder not working i pulled it apart to see what was wrong when i saw that the gear system in the front of the grinder had a pretty strong ring and pinion gear setup complete with berings and everything was greased so it made me think that if...
  6. J

    im starting a kart soon

    im starting a kart not as ambitious as some of the other ideas iv had however this one isnt too bad my idea is to build a baja style frame but not as extreme as some of the frames iv seen my basic idea is that ill do a 6ft long by 32 in wide and im going to bend up the front end 30degrees about...
  7. J

    an easy to make minibike/dirtbike

    i was delivering papers the other day as its my job and i saw an old dirtbike frame at a persons house and it gave me an idea if i could get a dirtbike frame with the tires still on it most of the older ones have drum brakes in the rear and a seat so all you would have to do is get an engine and...
  8. J

    building a 5.0 hp racing engine

    anyone have any ideas maby sites that show how to build a racing engine or perhaps a site that sells the stuff thanks
  9. J

    exceeding 3600rpm

    anyone have any idea what i might have to do to an engine to exceed the 'safe' 3600 rpm limit without blowing the motor up or sticking a rod through the block i was thinking using billet rods and an upgraded crank if anyone has any other ideas plz post them thanks
  10. J

    dual carbs

    anyone ever heard of dual carbs on a motor i was thinking that you might be able to use two weedwacker carbs as this would give more gas than a regualr carb but not so much more that it would flood the engine {the only problem that i can think of is that it might make the engine run too rich and...
  11. J

    4 wheel drive

    has anyone ever tried to build a 4 wheel drive go kart before i googled it and found nothing thanks
  12. J

    50cc motor 2 or 4 stroke

    dose anyone know if a 4 stroke or 2 stroke 50cc motor would be enough to push a small go kart or perhaps a barstool racer and if so which one would be better and make more power thanks
  13. J

    a good way to make a rear hub

    the other day when i was at princess auto i saw some tires that were on sale but they had a 4 hole style mount and i didnt know where to get the hubs for them so while i was looking around i saw some flanges with 4 holes in them and 1/4 in thick so i saw if they would work with the tires on sale...
  14. J

    frame bracing

    anyone got any ideas on how to best brace a frame while not using too much metal thanks
  15. J

    building a off road/on road go kart

    i decided to build a go kart with a motorcycle engine 55hp or so and trans im using angle iron for the frame but im not sure what im going to do for the brakes and steering if anyone has any ideas that are simple to build and can be made cheeply as i have a very small budget {under $300 for the...