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    Flying Kart? Sign Me UP!!!

    Who wouldnt want one of these?
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    Saving a Yerf Dog

    Hello everyone, figured i would share some photos now that i have a camera with a good quality. this is my project, saving a yerf dog 3203 funkart. ive ordered some parts original to the cart, like the rear axle, while adding "improvements" like a predator 301cc. im rebuilding the seat, for i am...
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    Bearing removal tactics

    Does anyone know how to remove the bearing from the 2 part holder on a yerfdog 3203? i have tried penetrating oil and brute force, but dont want to damage the holder. Any ideas?
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    Shopping for a Torque converter

    i have a Predator 301cc motor that i bought as is for $35, and i'm wondering if this torque converter would be the right size for it?thanks Link:
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    Alignment Problem?

    i have a yerf dog 3203 Frame that i purchased. it came with everything minus engine parts,engine, axle, and wheels. my question is: do the front tires need to be angled outward slightly or do they need to be completly straight? i only ask because they are at an angle right now. thanks
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    Hello From Texas!

    Hello everyone My name is John and im new to this hobby. i have always wanted to build a kart and my chance finally came up when i bought a predator 301cc engine from harbor freight tools. i payed $35 for it but have had multiple problems since then, namely where to get a clutch with out...