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  1. jamyers

    Predator won’t run off choke.

    sure it could be damaged, got any photos of it? I'm assuming it's stock, with stock air cleaner? Several things come to mind...fuel cutoff valve not all the way open, float stuck, dirt knocked loose and got into the idle passage, lots of things could cause fuel starvation.
  2. jamyers

    4 Word Story

    go over the cliff
  3. jamyers

    4 Word Story

    GAAAAAAAA!!!! Whoops that was
  4. jamyers

    4 Word Story

    the feeling I get
  5. jamyers

    4 Word Story

    A sentence countied is
  6. jamyers

    4 Word Story

    annoying. Then it's a
  7. jamyers

    4 Word Story

    get back to driving
  8. jamyers

    4 Word Story

    the sooner the better
  9. jamyers

    Harbor Freight Welder (Chicago 125 Flux) Good For Go Kart Frame?

    Best recommendation I can make it so head over to youtube, and pull up's videos on flux core welding. Watch them, then practice, practice, practice... Also, lots of people overlook the importance of getting the metal they're welding CLEAN. I say, it needs to be CLEAN!
  10. jamyers

    4 Word Story

    That's apparently really difficult
  11. jamyers

    New Engine has no thrust

    Is this a New from the store or new to you engine? Black spark plug indicates either too rich a mixture, or an ignition misfire. I'd double check the ignition coil, it should be something like .018-.020 gap between it and the flywheel magnets (better look that up for sure, my memory ain't what...
  12. jamyers

    Wont start and im clueless

    Glad to see you're not afraid to jump in - that's 99% of learning new things! If that's a GY6 engine, it's wiring is going to be a bit more complicated than a Predator or the like. But not to worry, there are GY6 wiring diagrams all over the internet, and they're basically all wired the same...
  13. jamyers

    Quick bits

    Side by side utv, or one heck of a go kart
  14. jamyers

    Rear end

    There's not really a #1 "Start here" spot, it's more of a "how is everything going to fit together in the way that makes the most sense" kind of process. But in general... * the sprocket can go anywhere along the axle shaft, as long as it lines up with the engine sprocket. * generally, engines...
  15. jamyers

    Wont start and im clueless

    Two things: 1. Don't toss spark plugs, they'll break. ;^) 2. Looks like a GY6 engine, and on 99.9% of those (and all chinese clones), green wire is ground - just so you know.
  16. jamyers

    Top Speed

    I'd love an actual speedometer I could mount on a kart, and calibrate for tire size or whatever. Of course, I also want it to be cheap. And work. LOL
  17. jamyers

    Top Speed

    I'm using Cool Nick's Speedometer app for Android, and it's dead on with 3 cars speedos, fwiw.
  18. jamyers

    Gaming Chitchat is awesome!
  19. jamyers

    How do I fix this?

    Yup, somebody converted it to a live rear axle (both wheels driven), and used clamps instead of bearings - crazy and dumb, but... I'd get that axle off of there, as well as the clamp parts. Then try to gring or cut the welds holding the wheels on - if you're lucky you can get one off, then you...
  20. jamyers

    Tav40 not working

    Glad you got the chain sorted out, and don't worry about your Polish/English, it's all good. But if you could post a link to your video, that'd be great - i searched on your username but couldn't find anything.