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  1. rushking19

    24 Hp Rotax 399cc Go kart first drive

    Well after some slacking off I finally got the go kart to the point where I could drive it still have some bugs to figure out, like a throttle cable and other small things but man this thing flys. If any of you guys dont know my build it's a rotax 399cc 2 stroke 2 cylinder snowmobile engine i...
  2. rushking19

    Project Rocket Kart #4

    I'm back again finally I've been busy but I finally got the go kart running again, still needs a few thing like new spark plugs so it can run better I ordered new spark plugs already, but its running nun of the less need to scoot the motor a little bit more so everything can line up and then can...
  3. rushking19

    Project Rocket Kart #3

    I'm baaaack some of you may not remember me or even know who I am its been so long since I've been on here so let me introduce my self my name is Clarence and a few years ago I started a project I always wanted to do a go kart with a snowmobile engine, first it was just talk tee I finally found...
  4. rushking19

    2015 - Project Rocket Kart #2

    This Is My 2015 DIYGK Build Entry, Project Rocket Kart,Go Kart With Snowmobile Engine Build,The Motor Is A 1970 Rotax 399cc Type 401 24hp , So Far The Only Thing Ive Done Lately Is Take The Engine Mount To Go Get Welded And Cut Off The Old Engine Plate Today More Updates Soon.
  5. rushking19

    Vertical To Horizontal Conversion

    The Start Of My New Motor Build, A Vertical To Horizontal Shaft Conversion. It's A Toro Briggs And Stratton 190cc 6.75hp With Electric Start, I Don't Plan On Spending Much On This Motor Plan On Using Most Of The Parts I Already Have Like My Old Tecumseh Motor, Oh Yeah And I Got This Engine For...
  6. rushking19

    Briggs And Stratton 850 Series 6.5hp Ohv Smoking

    OK today I started my Briggs And Stratton 206cc Ohv engine let it warm up and reved it a little and is starting smoking took out the spark plug and there was oil on it, and I haven't been doing anything reckless with the motor, and it still has tons of compression and still starts on one pull...
  7. rushking19

    Crazy Craigslist Find

    Found This Crazy 20 vertical shaft Briggs and Stratton vtwin go kart, I don't know what kinda cart this is but it looks custom.
  8. rushking19

    Crazy Craigslist Find

    The other day I stumbled across this crazy Craigslist find, it's a go kart with a 2 cylinder motorcycle engine, for 300:thumbsup: ,what do you guys think Here's the link
  9. rushking19

    Rebuilding The Rotax 399cc

    This is how it looks when life happens, i blew one of the pistons on the snowmobile engine so now it will be a while longer till I get it running again till I can buy new pistons, I kinda knew this would happen so I'm not too mad about it and it would be a good experience to rebuild a...
  10. rushking19

    Project Rocket Kart

    I'm Back, sorry it took so long, I had trouble finding another snowmobile engine, but my new engine just came this morning it's a 399cc rotax type 401, i spent today picking at the motor and checking it and all the seals look great and it has amazing compression and the rings look great and...
  11. rushking19

    Go Kart With Snowmobile Engine Build

    I finally decided to start my snowmobile engine powered go kart build, my uncle gave me this manco dingo go kart frame he got for free, which I will use for the build . it comes with some sort of fiber glass racing seat and I plan on ordering the engine off eBay tomorrow it's a 399 CC ski doo...
  12. rushking19

    Thinking of New engine for go kart any ideas

    Go Kart With Snowmobile Engine Lately I've been thinking of putting a new engine on the go kart and putting my old Briggs on the other go kart or putting racing parts in my Briggs and turning it to a Briggs and Stratton animal. Any body have any ideas on what engine I should put on it, I was...
  13. rushking19

    new go kart

    It's a manco go kart model number 455-05. My uncle got this from a man for free with out a engine. If you have experience with this go kart please tell me how good is this go kart, here's some pics
  14. rushking19

    New engine Briggs and Stratton 8.5 hp ohv

    I finally got a new engine a 8.5 hp briggs and stratton ohv. Has lots of torque easy to start starts in one pull its a 206 cc. It kind of resembles a briggs and stratton animal motor. Here goes video of it. :auto:
  15. rushking19

    starting a full rebuild of my go kart engine

    The other day when i was running my go kart it was running good then a big red flame came out and started running really badly and over heated and kept cuting of so i am planing to rebuild the engine, i all ready took it apart , i am planing to lap the valve the most likely cause of the problem...
  16. rushking19

    fuel pump

    I am thinking of putting a fuel pump on my go kart, but how do you hook it up on a flat head engine do you hook the tube from the valve case to the center connecter on the fuel pump then connect the fuel line in the right direction then your done. I know how to connect ohv better then flat head...
  17. rushking19

    go kart mods

    I go the head gasket to day sadly I can't run it because it is to late, I would of done it sooner but I was at football practice intell 7 :auto:
  18. rushking19

    lawnmower engine to go kart engine

    For my friends go kart I am starting on the engine, I have a Briggs and Stratton lawn mower engine, right now I am in the clean up and rebuilding process, I am trying to get it to run on the side.
  19. rushking19

    starting to build my go kart

    Rebuilding my go kart Rebuilding my go kart