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  1. J

    Predator 212 project

    What do u torque a predator 212 head too? And does the connecting rod need torqued to something precise or not? Let me know asap.
  2. J

    Next project

    Hi guys. I'm back again from a long break. I don't hav pics on this phone right now but I'll try to get some. I just bought a dingo kart from my neighbor. Wonderful condition. It has a 5 hp Briggs on it and it is slow and doesn't hav much power and that is not my type of thing. Where shud I...
  3. J

    splash finger problems

    Hey what would make a oil splash finger break off on a predator 212CC?????? Thoughts??
  4. J

    Clutch Question

    What is the difference between a maxtorque clutch and a regular clutch??
  5. J

    me again

    Well I decided I needed to redo my kart. It has some weak points so I am redoing some of it. I got a new paint job and adjusted the seat back further because it was front plenty far and with that bar in the center it was kinda ...... Here are some pics of the old and new paint job.
  6. J

    Opinions please

    Im thinkin of building this. What do you guys think it will cost? What size engine should I use? Also I was lookin for a bigger engine. I found a powerland...
  7. J

    Nother engine

    Hey guys, Is a 10 hp kohler worth messing with? Got it from a friend for $20..
  8. J


    My predator 212cc engine smokes white like fury!!! It only does it once in a while. I let off the gas and go back on it and it smokes like the end is near... It is a 2015 engine..
  9. J

    My kart

    Just got it done last Monday. A pile of fun:auto: