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  1. Joe-405

    Daytona F/C

    They were promotional karts. They made a bunch of them. Don't remember how many tho. That particular body was Hawaiian punch only also I think.
  2. Joe-405

    Daytona F/C

    That kart is the Hawaiian punch car driven by ronald leong from Hawaii back in the day.
  3. Joe-405

    30 Series GoPowersports torque converter kit

    They sell a reverse gearbox that replaces the driven shaft on a 30 series.
  4. Joe-405

    Completely unnecessary but hopefully cool bar stool racer - Texas Edition

    909 minibike store is the actual builder of those frames. I have built 3 or 4. Rick is the owner and he has a website.
  5. Joe-405

    EMPI 11" rack and pinion. Junk or good enough for go carting.

    Been in vw and dune buggies forever. And I used to sell empi. The rack and pinions are definitely strong enough for karts.
  6. Joe-405

    Weird Big Block Clone Head............

    My hero..........
  7. Joe-405

    Weird Big Block Clone Head............

    I got this in on a package deal. He didn't know what it was. And I've searched everywhere and haven't had any luck either. It does bolt to my 390 and 420 so I know it's a big block head for sure. I can't even find a valve cover for it................... JT19 JT-19 5 bolt valve cover !
  8. Joe-405

    Predator 420 wiring

    I can probably answer the question your needing also ? I completely rewired both of mine to delete the oem switch box.
  9. Joe-405

    1970’s Alsport Trike Restomod Build dad has been sick for over a month and he's in ICU so had to make decisions. This one went somewhere else.
  10. Joe-405

    Wanted: Engine plate with jackshaft for big blocks

    They are available. Jr dragster plate and a adapter to big block. So 2 pieces and presto done. I'm pretty sure I've seen big block one but not with that combination. But I can assure you they won't be as cheap as your wanting. They are $350ish and up to $900
  11. Joe-405

    Buildoff 2022 ????

    Just seeing if there is one. Or if I missed something somewhere. I'm starting 2 new minibikes right now. One off-road fat tire bike and a fast drag minibike again.
  12. Joe-405

    1970’s Alsport Trike Restomod Build

    Prior to paint and powdercoat now that it's good to go still.
  13. Joe-405

    New CBR600rr Powered Vehicle From Scratch !

    This project has been scratched........I'm either gonna buy a side by side or build a 4 seater sandrail. I need something bigger. So the engine and body are getting sold.
  14. Joe-405

    New CBR600rr Powered Vehicle From Scratch !

    Front Suspension is Here............. Empi forged 2.5" drop spindles for disc brakes Empi forged and braced carriers Control arms made for longer travel coilovers to equal better ride quality But it's might be a cool minute before tackling the welding of the frame to get it...
  15. Joe-405

    New CBR600rr Powered Vehicle From Scratch !

    I didn't think of that. I figured since people saw that it's a 2 seater and vw suspension I assumed they would think it was bigger than a kart. I did think about posting it in the other builds section but it's still from scratch and smaller than a regular car. So I opted for here instead.
  16. Joe-405

    New CBR600rr Powered Vehicle From Scratch !

    It's a Berry Mini T body from the 70's. Acme still sells them for around 6k body only. But a good friend gave me this one after her hubby died. This thing won't wheelie. I bet it blows the tires off tho. And for a decent looking roll cage we are gonna do 2 hoops like the cobra kit cars so...
  17. Joe-405

    New CBR600rr Powered Vehicle From Scratch !

    Don't need to modify or extend anything. It's gonna be a 80" wheelbase. If it wheelies oh well I've raced drag cars worse than this thing is gonna be. The engine will be sitting directly over the axle assembly to squeeze everything in the correct orientations. I am 6'1 and have plenty of...
  18. Joe-405

    1970’s Alsport Trike Restomod Build

    Update........ Everything is working great finally. Time for some powdercoating and body paint finally I hope when it gets cooler.
  19. Joe-405

    New CBR600rr Powered Vehicle From Scratch !

    It's gonna be a long process. But im to a point where i can give some cool pics and info................... 1. Fiberglass 2 seater body fully gutted 2. Tube chassis my design 3. Aftermarket VW king and link front end 4. 2007-08 CBR600rr Full drive train 5. Hand-built rear axle setup I was...
  20. Joe-405

    40 series torque converter setup

    You want at least a 60 tooth. I have the exact same setup on my trike. It runs 50mph but it's alot lighter. You will burn through belts I would guess with anything smaller.