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    Trying to understand why my baja magnum post was closed?

    I'd like to buy a baja magnum, I see someone has one on here... I posted about it and my post is still visible but I can't comment on it. Why is that?
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    Baja Magnum?

    I'm new here. When I was a kid I kept getting catalogs from some company that sold the "Baja" which was 5 hp and the "Baja Magnum" which was 8 hp. I saved up my paper route money to buy one but when I finally had enough money my mom confiscated all my funds. I am curious about this brand of...
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    Cincinnati - Dayton Could Use Some Help

    I'm new here. I had a go cart when I was a kid. I bought this thing for $200 bucks last night but I don't know much about it and neither did the guy from whom I bought it. I haven't ridden it. I can't even tell what kind of engine it is or what size. I don't know anything about the brand...