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    loving dad build - need some direction and input

    timdw5, you asked a simple question and now it seems everyone wants to argue about different engines. Not productive guys. You might get by with a 3 hp 79cc predator engine. The problem is you need a tiny engine sprocket and a large axle sprocket. I doubt very much that you will find anything...
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    I've been gone awhile... been really busy

    Absolute steal for $40. It would have been a good deal at 3 or 4 times that price. A mildly warmed up 224 with a torque converter will be more than enough.
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    Best cheap mild 224 build?

    You are probably aware that aside from the cylinder head, the cam journal diameter is different between the hemi and the non hemi. The hemi beings about .005" smaller. Even though the 224 is a non hemi ( at least the 2 that I own aren't) it uses the smaller diameter hemi cam. I think they need...
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    Off-road go-kart design needed

    Welcome to the forum. I think we're going to need a little help with the translation. Not even going to try to guess what language that is.
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    Nibbi pwk 28 carb tuning/minibike

    You say that it is running lean no matter which spark plug you use. Do you have any other jets for the carburetor, or a source of where to get them? If you're sure it's running lean ( reading the plug ) then try to richer up the mixture. Put the next size up of available jets and see how it...
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    What's on there now. Aside from bald or worn out, do you like them. How about a picture, and as suggested above by Rat, let us know where you will be driving.
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    Help me

    Tires can be found at any of the go kart supply shops. Also on Amazon. The small rim size makes them quite difficult to mount. If you pay to have a shop do it for you ( like I do ) don't go to a big chain tire dealer. They more than likely don't have equipment for that small of rims, and...
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    Will this be worth it?

    BTW. I think your T shirt is pretty cool. Wear it with pride.
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    Will this be worth it?

    Its been a few years, but between 1999 and 2014 I owned 3 pretty nice cars. Really got into the car show thing. Probably entered more than 80 car shows over that time period. Never ever dropped my car off and left it there. You take your folding chair and your cooler and you sit by your ride...
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    clarification needed on driven clutch tuning ( spring colors)

    One of my karts is also a Yerf- Dog. Probably the same model as yours. I know that it's 5 didgets in the model number and it starts with a 3. Also has the 7" driven clutch where most are 6". So probably the same kart. I know mine came with and still has a 10 tooth sprocket. We run out in the...
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    clarification needed on driven clutch tuning ( spring colors)

    What is the tooth count on your torque converter sprocket? Most come with a 10 tooth sprocket ( when using a #420 chain ). You can go down to a 9 or 8 tooth sprocket. Both are commonly available. Either one of these will give you more low end power as well as lower your top speed. The 9 tooth...
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    gokart clutch not lining up with sprocket

    Move the engine sideways until the sprockets are in line. Depending on how far this is, you may have to fabricate a new engine mount. If it is 2" or less, all of the big kart supply shops sell a plate that bolt to your existing engine mount and then they are slotted and it allows a little more...
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    Will this be worth it?

    So how did the car show go? Did you win a trophy or an honorable mention? Did you at least attract attention or get any compliments. I rode a motorcycle on the street in the 60's ( A lot ) with no helmet. I was a dumb careless teenager just like you are right now. The most important thing is...
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    Looking for a mini bike

    Denny, he found a REALLY OLD photo album, and there you were. Now we know where the term " Man this thing got a lot of bite " or " it's got a lot of kick " came from.
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    clarification needed on driven clutch tuning ( spring colors)

    To get a stronger hole shot you need to raise the engagement rpm. Best way to do this is by putting in stronger garter springs on the driver clutch ( the one on the engine ) and or lighter weights in the driver. Using both methods you can adjust take off rpm from about 1600 to 4000 rpm. Comet...
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    New Kart guy from Arkansas

    Two seaters are the best kind. Easier to teach the real young ones ( because you can ride along ) and once they get it down, they don't have to ride alone. They can take little brother or sis for a ride. I own 4 of them. All two seaters. Also, welcome to the forum. If you get stumped on...
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    Have no Idea please ID?

    Well it says new member under your user name. Looks like you have been on here for 6 & 1/2 years. Still a killer price for that kart.
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    Have no Idea please ID?

    Two brakes are better than one. Do they work? Killer deal for $200. With a torque converter and a running engine ( if it does ) it's worth twice what you paid. Welcome to the forum. Now put on an air cleaner and get it going.
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    Questions on a go cart I have?

    When oil gets water mixed in with it, it changes color. Kinda looks like what's in your picture. If that is a vent and not your crankcase oil then there's nothing to worry about. Put the hose back on and drive and enjoy the kart. It didn't cost you any money, so you got nothing to lose. Be...
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    siezed engine?

    Welcome to the forum. If you built a stage 4 predator ( that's just about everything you can do to one ) you should be extremely familiar with the inside of your engine. Surprised that you are asking, without having already taken a look inside. Could be a number of things, but as suggested by...