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  1. tgus3

    Mikuni probs

    well I've had my motor built and on my kart for awhile, (well 2 days of it working) but now the engine won't run right. So id been driving it for about 2 days and then I run out of gas. I put new gas in and now it will only start on choke. As soon as I turn of choke it died. Now a day or 2...
  2. tgus3

    Super Bowl Sunday!!!!

    Whats up guys who are you cheering for? Im just hoping for anyone to beat the patriots so here's to the rams:cheers2:
  3. tgus3

    engine performance help

    hello all, im back from a short break from karting. So im finally getting ready to build a predator and I have some questions on the parts. ill list em below with the questions. Thanks aluminum flywheel 22lb valve springs (should I get anything else for the valves or head?) arc con rod(shall I...
  4. tgus3

    check out this cool kart wow I would love to have this thing...but there's only one prob:the price:censored:lol refer to my sig...
  5. tgus3

    ebay engine

    you guys think i could make this work on a mini bike? 12000 rpm over 4hp...but i cant find the shaft size lokks like...
  6. tgus3

    mini bike wheelie bar

    I picked up this mini bike awhile back and put a modded predator on it.itll do a wheeelie at half throttle. is there any way to make or buy a wheelie bar for 50 or less? thanks
  7. tgus3

    air coming through air filter

    got this air filter for my kart( ) and now when i start it or stop it the compression pushes air through the cone. Is this...
  8. tgus3

    predator vs honda quality

    So i have a honda gx160 parts engine.would i benefit any power, longevity if i swapped parts from there to the predator,ie cam ,valve cover ect.? Ive already put the head on on.. thanks
  9. tgus3

    honda head

    In some of my last threads i said what upgrades my predator had(no governor,free flow exhaust..),what i completely forgot about was that about a year ago i put a older honda gx160 head it.How much more(or less) do you think that gave it? I ve read that honda heads have 2?cc less than predators...
  10. tgus3

    flat earth?

    Are any of you guys on here Flat earth believers? For my part i think that is one of the dumbest conspiracy theories out there.All you have to do is watch the sun set and fly around the world. Thoughts?
  11. tgus3

    speed difference

    Hi all, I changed from a clutch to a torqueconverter on my my kart. With the clutch I could hit 48.8mph.Now with my tc i can only do 45. Is this range about what to expect between a clutch and tc? Thanks
  12. tgus3

    Happy Father's Day!

    Just wishing a happy fathers day to all dad's:cheers2:
  13. tgus3

    torque converter problems

    So awhile back i blew the belt on my torque converter. I went back to my old clutch which ive been running until it recently gave up. I ordered a new set of belts(not comet ones;im not spending 30 bucks a belt) and put my converter back on. Within 5 min of riding the belt burned up into 3...
  14. tgus3

    mini chopper

    So im pretty enthused about making a mini chopper.Its gonna be a real slow project are my first question in the photo, where can i find those tire/wheels? Can i get just a front disc brake? where could i get that? Also bearings for the front fork and wheels..can someone send links...
  15. tgus3

    Heres a good random topic:)Whats your best energy drink? Heres to Rocksrtar whipped strawberry:cheers2:
  16. tgus3


    I got this light for my mountain bike. Really nice light,2400 lumens but its got one big battery pack that you got to strap to your bikesomewhere:huh:..i dont like how they did it in the pics... So i thought id just put it on on my gokart:2guns:...what you guys think of it...
  17. tgus3

    3d manual clutch?

    HI I was wondering if this clutch is worth the money? Have any of you tried it and how does it work...thoughts please •MERGED• I am actually...
  18. tgus3

    sprocket advice

    My #35 chain keeps breaking so I am wanting to get a #40 chain. What size of sprocket is about average? How much does the pitch affect it? Help please..
  19. tgus3

    high power kart

    Check out this! It should have some power and on that little frame... and look at those rear wheels.
  20. tgus3

    carburater adjustment

    Ok so i got a new Walbro carb for my Honda 5.5 engine.I put it on and the motor wouldnt start. I tried adjusting the screws but I guess I dont know how.i decided to put my old one on until I get the new one adjusted. The old one is a Keihin. With the old one on(it worked before) the motor still...