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  1. SquidBonez

    Harbor Freight Welder (Chicago 125 Flux) Good For Go Kart Frame?

    Anybody ever build a frame with one of these HF flux welders? I recently picked up a Chicago 125 Flux harbor freight welder for $70 on OfferUp. Only 3 weeks old. It already had an upgraded ground clamp and new wire. Been welding on some scrap metal to practice, and also welded a crack on my...
  2. SquidBonez

    Predator 212 Hemi Won't Idle After Valve Lash Adjustment

    I recently installed a stage 2 kit in my Predator 212 Hemi. While I was testing it out, the valve lash adjustment screw on the exhaust rocker backed out and allowed the pushrod to fall out from beneath the rocker. No big deal, this happened once before and all I did was reset the lash and I was...
  3. SquidBonez

    Small Block vs Big Block Speed Difference? What is Better?

    It seems like every Honda clone powered machine on YouTube (be it go kart, mini bike, or mini buggy) runs a small block if they want to really go fast. At least from what I've seen online - by and large - built small blocks are faster than most big blocks. There are tons of videos of people...
  4. SquidBonez

    Off Road Kart Square Tubing Wall Thickness?

    My plan is to use 1"x1" square tubing for an off road go kart/mini buggy. I want it to be as light as possible while also (obviously) being strong. My question is just about tubing thickness. How thick should I go? I've been basing a lot of my inspiration for this buggy off of this kart I found...
  5. SquidBonez

    Interesting Cheap Alternative to a Rack and Pinion Steering System

    Came across this video not too long ago, around the 1 minute mark he shows a very clever steering system he came up with that does the job of a rack and pinion system for a much cheaper price. Video is here: This is not only cheaper but actually frees up potential frame designs. You wouldn't...
  6. SquidBonez

    +0.02" Rod w/ 0.01" Head Gasket Question

    I plan on doing a +0.02" billet rod and a thinner than stock 0.01" head gasket on a Predator 212 hemi. I want to get some stock length chromoly pushrods as well (since I'm pretty sure the thinner head gasket doesn't make enough of a difference to need different length pushrods) but will I have...
  7. SquidBonez

    Swingarm Rear, Solid Front For Off Road?

    My original plan was to build a full suspension buggy as my first project, but I figured it might be better to start with a simpler/cheaper build considering my lack of experience as front suspension geometry can be tricky to get right. However, seeing as this is going to be a primarily off road...
  8. SquidBonez

    Predator 212 Doesn't Run Off Choke

    My kart has sat maybe 2(?) months, and all of a sudden I can't get it to run off choke. This confuses me because it has sat for longer and run just fine. I adjusted the idle screw, took the bowl & air filter off and hit it with some carb cleaner, and put a little more fresh gas in it all to no...
  9. SquidBonez

    Single A-Arm VS J-Arm - What's Easier For A Beginner?

    What is easier to fabricate/setup for a beginner - a single A-Arm setup or a J-Arm/trailing arm (think Honda Odyssey FL250) front suspension? Each have their own advantages/disadvantages. Single A-Arms would allow for more travel and consistent caster, but they gain massive amounts of negative...
  10. SquidBonez

    Buggy Build Double A-Arm Caster Setup

    I recently started thinking about how I'm going to set up my suspension/steering, and I have a question regarding caster. Would it be possible achieve caster by placing washers between the A-arm pivot (in my case, a heim joint) and the suspension mount? The upper and lower suspension mounts...
  11. SquidBonez

    Spindle Question: Leading or Trailing Link?

    Does the position of the link between the tie-rods and the spindle affect anything? I know if you move the tie rods closer to the pivot point, you get more angle but harder steering, but does having the link pointing forward or back affect anything? See here:
  12. SquidBonez

    Durable U-Joints For IRS?

    Anybody have any experience with using U-joints on IRS setups? Example: A lot of U-joints available online have max RPM/torque ratings, but how much over their rating can you run them if need be? How durable are they and do they hold up well?
  13. SquidBonez

    How To Calculate Gear Ratio w/ 3 Different Sprockets?

    Calculating your gear ratio is pretty easy with 2 sprockets (example: 10T to 60T = 6:1 gear ratio), but how do you calculate it with 3 different size sprockets like on a jackshaft? Let's say you go from a 10T on the clutch, 12T on a jackshaft, and then 60T on the axle? How would you figure that...
  14. SquidBonez

    Comet 30 Driven Disassembly Issues

    I'm taking apart my Comet 30 driven because A: the spring inside is old and B: the spring is in the wrong hole (somebody had this apart before I did). I took out the snap ring that holds it together, but it refuses to come apart. It will compress slightly but it will not come apart despite the...
  15. SquidBonez

    The Mako Buggy - Finalizing Project Plans

    Over the past few months I've been planning out what I want to do for my next project. I wanted to create something comparable to a Honda Odyssey FL250, but with full suspension, more stability, a 4-stroke engine, and slightly more power. I've considered all different types of engines...
  16. SquidBonez

    Juggernaut Final Drive Ratio?

    I know a stock 30 series has an overdrive ratio when fully shifted out, but does the Juggernaut have a 1:1? Someone in the YouTube comments told me it has a "0.9 final ratio", not really sure what that means as I thought drive ratios were usually [WHOLE NUMBER]:1 (5:1, 6:1, etc).
  17. SquidBonez

    Comet 30 Driven Spring Tension & Top Speed

    I have a question about Comet 30 driven clutch tuning and how it effects top speed. I know you can change the spring hole for the driven engagement on the 30 series CVTs (1 being for flat ground, 2 being factory and 3 being off-road) as well as swap the stock green spring for a stiffer yellow...
  18. SquidBonez

    20" Tire Gear Ratio?

    I'm currently working on the brakes on my Manco Dingo and naturally, since I can't leave well enough alone, I'm thinking about getting a new set of knobby tires. Original tires are 18", and it has a 6:1 gear ratio w/ a Comet 30 CVT. Definitely fun - a good balance between low end torque and a...
  19. SquidBonez

    Displacement VS RPM - What's Better?

    This could be an interesting thread... I know the old saying is "no replacement for displacement", but what is true karts and minibikes? Is it better to have a built Predator 212 turning 7000-8000 RPM but with a short gear ratio, or a lightly modified Predator 420 turning 5000 RPM with a long...
  20. SquidBonez

    Manco Dingo Mechanical Brake Issue

    For whatever reason, the brakes on my Dingo are incredibly weak. They do slow you down, but they're so weak to the point where it's just dangerous. They cannot lock the rear tires at ANY speed - even when going from 3 mph. Both the rotor and the caliper is brand new. They seem to be adjusted as...