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  1. anderkart

    Selling off all my race kart parts in Phoenix Az.

    All prices OBO Tecumseh Star race engine - $300 obo (sold) Spare drums (#35 pitch, w/15 &18 tooth-counts) for 1" bore Noram Star clutches - $20 each Brand new 1-inch bore Comet SCS 400 clutch with 12-tooth /#35 pitch - $50 Good-used 1-1/8" bore Premier-brand (#35/20-tooth) clutch with...
  2. anderkart

    Clutch vs Torque Converter - Deciding whats best for you

    Lots of guys on this forum constantly claim a Torque converter is always better than any Centrifugal clutch. That's not always true... Yes I agree Torque Converters do offer better acceleration, and also allow many karts to be geared for a higher top speed potential. Torque converters are...
  3. anderkart

    Go kart Identification Thread

    Please read and understand the following info before posting in this thread: This thread is for everyone to post pics of their factory made karts. (please no DIY/homemade-frame kart pics allowed in this thread) Only post pics of your kart if your 100% sure what brand it is, and please include...
  4. anderkart

    The early days of DIY go karts.

    In the early to mid 1950's my big brother (Mike) and several of his friends all built their own go karts. (but no one had ever heard of the term 'go kart' back then, they called them Micro Midgets) My brother built his first go kart in 1952, it was just made from wood. He took the...
  5. anderkart

    So I joined the dark side (well kinda)

    So I just picked up this 1972 Fox Tracker minibike: Its got a factory installed 2-cyle Tecumseh engine, I'd never even seen of these until now: The sticker reads Tecumseh AH817MB. I haven't researched it much but apparently this is a 5-hp engine. Its the big-un ;) Its got a factory...
  6. anderkart

    Must-Have Fuel System Info (Why Won't My Kart Start?)

    Here's a video that will help you disassemble and clean your Honda GX200/6.5hp. clone carb, and get a little better understanding how these carburetors function: The basic way a carburetor works is: As air is drawn in through your air cleaner and...
  7. anderkart

    Yet another new type of clone engine

    I just ran across this Durostar engine for the first time this morning in a thread here. That pull start cover sure seems to be a totally unique design and not just yet another direct GX-honda rip off. I still need to do more research to try and figure out who manufactures these engines, but...
  8. anderkart

    Aahhh you gotta see this

    You gotta see this new Unicycle Scooter
  9. anderkart

    Take a look at this kart made from a livestock water tank

    I ran across this kart for sale and just thought you guys might enjoy seeing these pics: Not my ad:
  10. anderkart

    Pics of a mechanical Chevy fuel pump on a go kart

    Pics of a mechanical Chevy fuel pump on a Race Kart Yesterday at the races I ran across this kart that has a Chevy fuel pump that operates off an axle mounted eccentric that'd been custom machined. I just thought some of you hard core DIY'ers enjoy seeing these pics: The owner claimed the...
  11. anderkart

    Want advice about repairing damaged GX390 PTO

    I just picked this GX390 up yesterday. It was on an air compressor that'd seized up. I found a federal EPA sticker with 2002 dates and this thing runs perfect, doesnt smoke at all, had a very clean air filter plus the oil looked like new. (I got a feeling it hasn't had many hours of use) The...
  12. anderkart

    DIY Musicians thread

    Anyone else here play a musical instrement? (or the drums :D) I ran across a couple guitarist on another thread here today and thought we needed our own musicians thread instead of hijacking freaks subwoofer thread anymore. I'm prety much a hack, but I've been flailing the bass for serveral...
  13. anderkart

    Used race kart slicks for sale

    I have a bunch of good used race kart slicks I'd sell for $50 per set of 6. (+ actual shipping costs / my selling price includes the box and packing) The front tire sizes are 10" x 4.60 - 5". (these fronts should work fine mounted on most any 5" diamiter rim ranging from 3" to 6" wide) My rear...
  14. anderkart

    Whatcha think of these motors?

    I ran across these 24/36v. DC motors and thought some of you electric guys might be wanna see em: (not my ads, dont know him) ps: Dudes been refreshing these same 2 ads for like 6 months...
  15. anderkart

    anderkarts new ride

    I scored this Invader offset/oval racer a few weeks ago but finally shot some pics today. All I've realy done so far is instal my engine. Next week I'll probably be taking the kart/seat over to my much more experienced buddies house to have it all setup and scaled to race at this track...
  16. anderkart

    The first thing you know?

    To win the contest, answer the following question: What's the first thing you know?
  17. anderkart

    What brand/model mini bike is this thing?

    I have a chance to buy this minibike for around $50. I was just wondering if anyone might know what brand it is or had any info/opinions on this thang? It seems to have kind of a bizarre rear suspension design.
  18. anderkart

    DIY gearing calculator question:

    Is this gearing calculator only accurate when using #35 chain/sprockets? It sure seems like the pitch diference between say a #219, #35, #40/41 or a #520 type setup would require the calculator to be calibrated differently for each.
  19. anderkart

    Dude... where's my truck?

    I woke up yesterday to find my Toyota truck had been stolen. :furious2: It was locked up and parked out front just like its been for the last 10 years. I had full coverage insurance but this still really sucks balls. I had the cops out and now were dealing with the insurance company. Were...
  20. anderkart

    My Race Kart Project

    Hey, I just picked up this older Sprint chassis last month. Thing is, I cant figure out what brand it is. I was told it was a mid-90's Margay, but it does not have any numbers stamped in the frame (near the spindles) like Margay's are supposed to. It does have some digits stamped into the...