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    Honda? Dirt Dobber 50cc

    I traded a craftsman bumper for this dirt dobber 50, the vin tag is worn so i can see hon but cant tell if the next letter is g or d. ill post a vin tag pic with it. Im gonna make it street legal is the plan, they are a different variant of a z50 is all i know. Also mine never came with a motor...
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    4 Word Story

    Ill explain the rules: after a post you must wait for someone else to post or wait 24 hours to post again. must be 4 words can have punctuation. have fun! edit: your post is supposed to continue on with the previous posts from the person before. example: person 1: (today i ran out) person 2...
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    overcomplicated thoughts

    i should explain it. think of something super over complicated that would be cool, but you dont actually have time or money to build? post it here! ill go first! im thinking some type of lawn mower engine, like a 10hp flattie, peerless for a lawn mower. and mount it on top of an old solid car...
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    modifying and saving 100$ 212 swapped coleman ct200uex

    so a buddy in art class dropped me off a ct200u ex thats pretty beat up for 100$ delivered. i plan on fixing its issues and doing a budget build on the motor, and trying to build as many homemade performance parts as i can and im gonna document it with videos. my phone has no internet at the...
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    My Weird obsession with stupid chinese four wheelers

    I like them for some reason. I just swapped my 110cc sunL atv to a 125 semi auto 3spd w reverse and gotta put the carb on but heard it run which is awesome. Then i paid 80$ for the jigsaw puzzle fourwheeler it just needs a few things and it will be done. im putting the 110cc on it and gonna...
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    your favorate "in production" gokarts and mini bikes and why

    whats your favorate currently in production go karts mini bikes buggies etc and why? id like to hear them! my favortate in production mini bike is the motovox 79cc i had one but was forced to sell it before i moved and it was my favorate mini bike it was straight piped and sounded real cool! it...
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    Snow blower 30$ honda and bed frame trike

    Heres my junk scrap trike the snow blower ran and worked just wouldnt spin the blade fast enough and barely would propell itsself and everything was wonky Nothing was worn badly just the motor and clutch where a bit tired. So i proceeded to carefully remove everything until it was the engine...
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    Burnout challenge!

    Im calling yall out do a new years/christmas burnout post it and link it here just for fun
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    Went racing whadda thunk about that

    Went racing i took my worn out smokin 5hp briggs powered streaker and impressed jim white and an INDY car driver of all people (friend of white chassis) dont rember his name i think parsons of sorts idk. The poorlittke streaker went valve floataround that track spittin flames and smoke and it...
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    5hp briggs drinks oil?

    Welp i have been thuroughly enjoying my 5hp flathead on my streaker but it smokes badly now and i keep having to fill it up since i put it back together. And i took it apart to makesure the carbon build up isnt as bad as the spark plug was but the piston was covered in oil a bolt was seeping...
  11. Budget GoKart

    Post your hot rod and rat rod karts and bikes!

    Heres my rat rod(hp pacesetter streakers s350) and my hot rod(yerfdog 3202) The yerfdogs hubcaps came from my riding mower lol Also i dont have a pic but i modified an el cheapo mini chopper it has a 4hp tecumseh
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    whats this kart and engine locked tight

    so i think its a paath winder or finder? i dont know much about it but love the kart drives great engine ran pretty ok the time ive had it. sooo yesterday i "tuned" the carb and it ran way better but the engine always smokes at startup, i fiured it just ran super rich or the carb was dirty. but...
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    Tractor guys thread

    To not clog up the quick bits thread with tractor things put it here instead. Heres my old craftsman glass headlights, phone charger port, custom fenders, cupholder, side shaft 10hp tecumseh flathead, and tractor treaded tires. I did no work to it yet but plan on a engine swap as the motor on...
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    Can i shorten this hub to make it fit?

    So i dont wanna trim my axle very much and im trying to keep costs down and not destroy parts if i use bearings i can make this hub fit on this axle. But make it free wheeling if i shortend this hub would it hurt anything? I would have to shorten it off all the front of the hub and a little from...
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    Looking for two seater go karts

    I sold a go kart for 600$ and now i have 680$ thats my budget if you have a go kart in or close to indianapolis ill pay for you to bring it or ill pick it up. I want a two seater preferably no engine no seat missing parts but fixable. Also my little brother is very mad at me so please help me...
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    Briggs briggs briggs i have a problem

    Welp my briggs collection has grown quite a bit I need help im dying here. This briggs 3.5hp on an indy give away kart (has body and wing yay) is having issues. Its air vein governor is causing the engine to run really horrible and makes it cut out an die all the time. How do i bypass the air...
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    Honda gx390 revves to the moon after govenor removal?????

    So i didnt change the throttle and the govenor arm is still in the block connected to the throttle but when it starts it just free revves to the moon do i have to change the throttle to not use the govenor arm or is it simpler than that? If not ill just reinstall the govenor
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    Revves but wont idle?

    Im probably in the wrong place fir this but i need a little help my dads weed whacker runs and idles but refuses to rev would this missing cause that? Im not skilled with them but neither of us could figure it out but i did get it to run atleast
  19. Budget GoKart

    Klunker kart

    Welp traded an awesome racing mower project for some junk. I call it klunker kart il post pics when its lighter out. But this thing is one of the very few karts i drove when i got it. It runs up and down the street just fine and it is pretty fun.
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    What size sprocket do i need?

    I have a yerfdog 3202 with a honda gx390. The torque converter is a cheapo one that works ok it has a 10 tooth gear on it and a 60t sprocket it is geared badly and needs a new sprocket anyway Ill get the tire size real quick and pictures