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  1. Karts of Kaos

    meatal working thread.

    I was wondering if any of you have Benn casting forging or any other interesting metal work. over the week end I made some aluminum casings by pouring molten aluminum into the snow.
  2. Karts of Kaos

    best place for 50cc parts.

    hey guys, I have been working on a moped scooter thingy for a friend of mine. it had an interesting problem. she asked my if I would be able to take a look at it and I said sure. she had stated that it had " just stopped running" while she was riding. and then it had been sitting in her...
  3. Karts of Kaos

    HHO gokart

    he guys, the other day in chemistry we performed electrolysis and it said in the book that the resulting gases were hydrogen and oxygen. so I made my own larger version out of a soda bottle and some screws. it worked well enough that it almost exploded the bottle when lit and that was only...
  4. Karts of Kaos

    driving a tc off a tc

    I have wondered for a long time what would happen if you dove one tc off the output of another. I was recently reminded of this question when reading the thread "Parallel Torque Converters?". I was thinking maybe you would have an extra low and high range. what are your thoughts?
  5. Karts of Kaos

    1973 honda cb750

    yesterday I got a motorcycle! I cot a honda with a cb750. the motor is seized and has been out in the weather for a long time. the handle bars are broken, the shifter arm is gone, and so is the clutch trigger,there are no valve cover bolts but the valve cover is there. the front break is...
  6. Karts of Kaos

    only ten grand!

    I always wanted a tie fighter now here is my opportunity. there is finally one near me. does anyone know how big of a trailer I am going to need!:roflol:
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    well snap. I somehow put a valve through my cylinder head on my ungoverned 212 with a gx160 head and gx270 jet. have any of you had this happen.
  8. Karts of Kaos

    honda g 200 no spark..ish

    i have a Honda g200 on a rototiller I am trying to fix for a friend. it has electricity flowing to the plug wire. but it is not enough to jump the gap on the spark plug. I has all the symptoms of a points problem but it has an electronic ignition module instead. i think that the electronic...
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    i am building a spider karts scorpion and I need brakes for a 1 1/4" axle. I am planing to run a Honda gx 270 with a tc and guv delete. I was looking for mechanical brakes. thanks.
  10. Karts of Kaos

    ultimate p212 kit.

    found this today online and wanted to know what you guys think. it costs half as much a a kit from gps.
  11. Karts of Kaos

    would this work?

    hey guys I was wondering if a Kohler 14hp 1960 engine would work well and be reliable for a log slitter? also it has no spark. i took off the flywheel and there was no points and condenser??? do these kohler engine have points? thanks.
  12. Karts of Kaos

    1972 arctic cat panther 340

    so today i picked up a 1972 arctic cat panther with a 340 cc engine in it and a separate parts engine. I am having a problem with the spark. when the kill switch is plunged in one calendar has spark and when I unplug it both have spark. when I push the kill switch neither have spark. when is it...
  13. Karts of Kaos

    5hp briggs carb

    I would like to get a mccooney style carb for my 5 hp briggs what size should i get. thanks!
  14. Karts of Kaos

    stuck clutch

    so I have an old honda clone that has a clutch stuck on the shaft and I cant get it off. I could not get it off with a gear puller what else should I try. also soaked in Pb blaster first. I thin that there is a problem whit the key. maybe it got rolled over in key way on the shaft? i dont know...
  15. Karts of Kaos

    1960s concessions kart

    hey guys, today I pick up a "1960 concessions kart"at least, that is what the guy that sold it to me said. he said he bought it from his dad who bought it from the dells. so anyway I paid 100$ for it and I can say it was a concessions kart looking at the amount of dents. I will post pics...
  16. Karts of Kaos

    some one should put this on a 1wp not that i need this or anything but it would be a fun project.
  17. Karts of Kaos

    this looks scary I found an fb weirdo.
  18. Karts of Kaos

    reel mower

    hey guys, found this gas reel mower on fb. I have seen videos of them before and they fascinate me. i have a reel push mower but this one is gas.
  19. Karts of Kaos

    welder supply.

    found this on fb. it's a welder power supply must have been a few grand new
  20. Karts of Kaos

    did my tires seat?

    hey guys, so like a week ago I got some 18" tires for the kart I am building with my dad and I got them on the rims and inflated them to the rated pressure and they held air, but when I have seen people mount tires on you tube the made a popping sound when the bead seated but i did not hear a...