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    Tire sizes

    Coleman ct-200 rider here. I need a back tire. What's the difference between a p333 tire and a 19×7-8 tire? Asking because summit racing sells a p333 for under 20 bucks. Are there any other sizes i could throw on there too?
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    Coleman ct200 valve adjustment

    Anyone know how many 1000th of an inch the intake and exhaust valves are supposed to be set on a coleman ct200series? Hisun 196cc honda clone engine. Also stock springs and rods. Thanks
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    Possible rod knock?

    After i removed the gov from my coleman ct200u, it went from one pull start to 3 pull start. When its cold, there is a knocking sound. The engine is a year old and has fresh oil. I feel like I'm hurting my engine.
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    Clutch spacer lost :(

    Have a coleman ct200u. (Honda clone) I seem to have lost the little spacer that goes on before the clutch, to keep it from rubbing on the mount bracket. Pretty sure its ⅝ inch drive. Can anyone link me to that part or should I just go full send and buy a whole tc kit+mount spacers?
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    Valve/spark plug/ pressure issue

    So im trying to set my valve lash, and when I thought I had it right, I put my spark plug back in, and all of the sudden the engine is super hard to turn over when it reaches a certain point. When I take the plug out, engine spins nicely when I pull the cord. W t f?? Pretty sure my timing is...
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    Governer removal issue. Coleman ct200u

    so I decided to remove my governor on my Coleman ct200u. I accidentally pulled the camshaft out while searching for the governor. once I did that of course one of my valve pushrods came out. I have since removed the valve cover and seated my pushrods correctly. I have great spark and...