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    Mickey bike

    Mini bike New addition to my collection of mini bikes and thought I'd share some pictures . 1968 mini bike with original front tire and engine. It's a Mickey Thompson mini bike M/T.
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    Fat tire scooter

    Just picked up this Fat tire scooter that started off as electric powered. Along the way someone put a built 212cc engine, chain and sprocket and the previous owner rode it till the chain tensioner fell off. He bought one from ebay but didn't know how to adapt it and was riding it without the...
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    Hello from the land of Compton

    New to the community and karts and mini bikes. Its been 1 and 1/2 months since I started getting into the hobby. I started with an old looking kart but my son(my excuse for buying toys) didn't want it because of the inconvenience of taking out and in from the back yard. So the mini bike pack...