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    The mystery of the lost oil and compression, where did they go?!?!

    I am no expert so have limited knowledge on the engines but I did change out the rings on a Subaru/Robin last year. The engine was pretty old with much use. I just got a new set of rings and cleaned up the cyl wall by hand with some 220 grit. That did not really hone the wall, just cleaned the...
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    Go Kart ID Needed & Engine Recommendation

    Seems odd they say it is electric start but doesn't have an engine. Maybe it's wired for a starter. If you bought this kart you could then check that whatever engine you get would be combatable with the CVT they are providing. Probably a 30 but you know how "murphy's law" works.
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    Help request anyone know anything about this kart? Just got it for my grandson and wondering if its worth rebuilding

    Well worth rebuilding, just my opinion. If you bought the parts to build what you already have you would spend hundreds of dollars. You could probably research that kart and buy the components that it was set up with originally and not have to engineer moving things around. That can be daunting...
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    McCulloch Chainsaw

    Don't do it !!!! Karts of Kaos is right. You would be adapting that old engine to the point you will have more work and money into it than it will ever be worth to you. You can pick up a 212cc Predator from Harbor Freight for about $125 and you have a brand new engine that is so popular and...
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    new engine for a new build.

    I am no expert by far but I have to agree with jamyers. Your carb is gummed up somewhere. I read in a couple post that many karts coming from China often have some gel or something placed in the carb by the manufacture to prevent corrosion. Some people explained the first time you start the...
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    Go-kart sprocket help

    28T sprocket is really high geared with a 10T up front and 20" tires. That will almost guarantee burning up clutches. The sprocket you want will depend on how your going to use your kart. While changing out the sprocket you might look into upgrading into a torque converter. That kart looks like...
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    Honda odyssey no suction on carb

    I guess we must assume your engine is not running or is running poorly. Pull starting with a rope should not make any difference as long as your getting the engine to turn over fast enough to start. If the engine is not running do the basic checks for air, fuel and spark where appropriate. I...
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    swapping a tecumseh 5 HP for a predator 212 on a yerf dog 1203

    This video will help you out, have look at it. Good luck............
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    Disc brake issues

    I'm no expert but to me, given the problem your having, that looks like to much clearance between pads and disc. If the unit has a provision to adjust the pads you should be able to see it on the caliper. You could try calling MCP and they may have the...
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    Disc brake issues

    Does the caliper have the adjustment bolt ? Can you watch the pads as someone pushes the brake ? Maybe you can see how much the pads are moving before making contact. Should be very little. Seems like the pads should be okay if the manufacturer supplied them. It could be the disc is to thin. The...
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    Disc brake issues

    It sounds like the pads are not squeezing down on the disc far enough. Some calipers have an adjustment bolt to move the pads closer to the disc. I think your pads should be just barely touching the disc when no brake is applied or just barely off the disc. Is the brake system new ? I have read...
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    Just a few questions about tires and wheels

    You lost me........... Pics would probably help and members here will know the best options moving forward.
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    Clutch Install Questions

    It's a cute little bugga !!
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    Question for repairing

    Yea many things are a tight fit to work on when it comes to karts. Those bolts might be sezed up enough you will need to put a pipe or something over the end of your wrench (a cheater) to get enough leverage to break them loose. May need to use a 1/2" drive ratchet to beef up as well. Those look...
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    Question for repairing

    I assume the "screws" your referring to are actually bolts so you need a couple box end wrenches or a box end and socket. Depends on what you can reach the bolts with. PB Blaster works better to loosen rusted parts than wd40 but you may need to just cut the bolts. You need to replace them...
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    212 choke problem

    That's great and you have an extra carb, haaaa!!! Next thing you know you'll be doing upgrades. Enjoy.....LOL
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    When to go bigger on the T/C?

    I read your build log. You defiantly have the skills and equipment to add reverse if you decide to. What is the O2 sensor for? Is it just for diagnosis or does it have some input to the engine? I didn't realize you have to service the converter so often. Maybe the 94C would eliminate that need...
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    When to go bigger on the T/C?

    They sell the reverse unit that are pretty much designed for your application. Looks like holding up to your power shouldn't be a problem unless your really banging it hard while still rolling in the opposite direction. There is a lot of info on line dealing with installation of the box. Looks...
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    When to go bigger on the T/C?

    Oh, that's nice.......... Would be nice to see a pic of it after the mods you've done. Looks like a good candidate for one of the "reverse" gear systems. That might be of more use to you at this point than the 94C. Does the 420 feel strong enough for your needs??? Did the mods you installed...
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    You can probably get better advice if we know what your trying to do with the set up. If you don't need the rubber pads for the job you want to do maybe you can work around having to mess them up with adhesive. Much depends on how you need the set up to work as you plan to use it.