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  1. Whitetrashrocker

    Which one of you bought this?

    Crazy. That's all.
  2. Whitetrashrocker

    40 series belt removal. dumb question

    With out having to losen the engine and JS plate, how do you guys remove the belt? Say for driver maintenance. Which is alot for me, gets full of dirt. I can't just remove the driver and slip it out of the belt, and fighting the driven to stay open and drop the belt inside is a real pain...
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    TC abuse question.

    So we know how a TC works to deliver power from engine to wheels. What about forces from the other way. Flying along at high speed and you lock up the drive wheels and initiate a slide. What happens to the TC? Can damage happen? Wheels stop, chain connected driven unit stops. The belt is...
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    How do I make brakes better?

    I've made it go fast, but now I need to stop. Is there a way to make the stock manco dingo caliper brake function better? I've taken a 3m pad to the rotor and gave it a slight surface and scuffed off the glaze on the pads. I have all the linkage on the bell crank giving most power, suffering...
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    Spitting fire!

    Just thought you guys would like to see this. Got my 301 hemi back together. Head work, timing and air flow. I forget how to embed the vids here.
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    Head gasket reuse?

    Normally I'd put a new head gasket but getting an 80mm for a 301 is an odd part. It has a fire ring and the material around it is ok but it did try to come apart around the edges. You can see on the left side. Worth trying or keep searching.
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    Help me wire this motor

    I got this free with some other stuff I picked up. The guy said it worked. I know there are a bunch of you here that would be able to tell me, cause I can't find an answer. What terminal is what? They are labeled 1,2,4,5,6. No cover plate that had the schematic. I don't find any info by the...
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    Welder question

    Sorry can't think of a catchy title to entice you to read this dribble. Lol. Stopped by my dad's today and he had a guy come drop off a bunch of stuff for a project my dad is doing. Amung the pile of goodies I noticed a blue rolling box. I joked, hey you got me a welder. He said well maybe. The...
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    Where did they go?

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    A 70mph pink mustang kart

    I wouldn't lie to ya....
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    Need help making a bracket

    As the title says. I have a mill and a lathe. I'm trying to make this part but I'm having a little problem with it. Any help would be appreciated!!!
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    A little math problem.

    I made an idler wheel to replace the dry hard rubber one in my record player. I found a place online that will re-rubber your old one, but I'm not gonna cough up the $70 for it. The OEM has a diameter of 2.0" My dried one had a diameter of 1.990 The one I made was a little smaller at 1.980 The...
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    How much can a 30 series really take?

    Seems like the consensus says 8 or 9 hp. Is there any proof as to what happens when you go past that? Does the driver explode? We need someone to strap a 30 on a v-twin:2guns:.
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    Hey electric guys

    My uncle has an idea I need your help with. Sid or functional artist I'm looking at you. So the idea is... He scrapped an electric mobility chair. Wants to repurpose the drive motors to turn the drive wheel of a tubing bender We are kinda clueless on what and how these work electricly. Here...
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    Build your own lap timer!

    Stumbled across this.
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    Any forsight in a golf cart to kart build

    I know I know. I'm getting into not a kart land over here but over at buggysgonewild I'm not finding the wealth of knowledge I find here. Out in the weeds is an 89 ezgo marathon. Electric. I'm half tempted to drag it up to the shop and see how rotted the frame is. I'm sure the electrical parts...
  17. Whitetrashrocker

    Gx430 generator Gremlins. Help me!

    The race trailer has a Honda ex4500s. Gx430 engine. It has been acting up for a while and can't fix it when it fails due to being an intermittent no start. The generator parts works flawlessly. I have the schematics. Finally had time when it was failing to fire up. Started pulling all the...
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    Best disclaimer.

    Thought this was pretty good and thought I'd share. From 440source, not me. WARNING: Our stroker kits have been known to cause the following adverse effects, even when used properly: Please read this section fully before ordering. Many customers have reported the following issues: 1...
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    Odd, different, cool!

    Don't know if there's a thread started on this but let's put some oddities here. I scrolled across this today.
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    Adjustable timing?

    I never do things the easy way. It runs in the family. Have any of yoos guys ever made the coil adjustable? Instead of using an offset key, why not slide the coil. I know you would have to make some timing marks, but simply find the radiant and Mark off a few degrees in each direction...