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  1. Hellion

    engine issues

    What kind of engine does it have? Post pics of the kart and engine Those karts are the closest thing to a classic go kart available these days (simple, no roll cage and no 12 dozen frame members all welded together).
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    Can we move this out of the Introduce Yourself forum?
  3. Hellion

    How do you cover your exposed velocity stack air filter?

    This should have been post #1. 😊
  4. Hellion

    Hello, I'm Sophia

    Me thinks the new member is....not what she seems. 😂 As in, here to shill a dating website. However, I am willing to be proven wrong. Regardless, :welcome2: :welcome2: :welcome2: :welcome2:
  5. Hellion

    Colman kt 196 jerky

    Take a video, post it to Youtube then post the link to the video so we can all see. That's probably the easiest way.
  6. Hellion

    Custom 208 Hemi

    At what point would you be satisfied with the power?
  7. Hellion

    long lasting mini bike brake pads?

    When I am obsessed with speed, I am not interested in stopping.😄 No honestly, I'm not riding the brakes all the time. Your BRAKE pad life sound ridiculous. I don't even know what kind of brake "10 dollar Amazon caliper" is. I think Denny is entirely right though and that "10 dollar" price is...
  8. Hellion

    Newbie Intro

    Start a thread in the main Go Kart Discussion forum and post lots of pics. :welcome2: :welcome2: :welcome2: :welcome2: :welcome2: :welcome2: :welcome2:
  9. Hellion

    Trailmaster Go-Karts

    I'm super cheap. When did $500 become "cheap"? You may have overpaid, especially if it's Bubba-fied and/or doesn't work. Then again.....this is 2023 and inflation is rampant....I must recompute. These Chinese buggies go by a lot of names, and between years might have a different brand and...
  10. Hellion

    440 DuroMax valve train?

    Don't be a dummy! 😄 Get a tackle box, an old muffin tin or one of those magnetized nut 'n bolt trays to hold all the tiny bits as you disassemble. You really have to know your engine series (by precise code and serial number) as Honda and clone engine specs (features) are all over the place...
  11. Hellion

    Where to drive my recreational kart

    The King of all go-kart parking-lot racing videos placed here for inspiration: Educational too. At 7:50 it demonstrates the necessity of a kill switch...
  12. Hellion

    Adult man child cuts up kids go kart for selfish fun

    Take apart the steering. Remove the king pins (vertical bolts) and the spindles from the axles and inspect. Mine have always been rusty, rough and pitted because water defies gravity and migrates into those joints. Polish the king pins, the hole in the spindles (you can use a bore cleaning brush...
  13. Hellion

    Streaker S465 live axle resto

    I always like to remind myself how things were back in the 19th century or before central heat and air and all this comfort. Seems people were more acclimated to the weather and weren't as soft as people are today. Then again they did a buttload of work before sunup, quit work before the...
  14. Hellion

    Can someone ID my kart?

    Seller said it was "made by a company"? Well that's the funniest thing I've ever heard. 😂 Why couldn't he tell you who made it? Why did you buy something unknown? Jusssst kidding..... Neat kart frame though, rear engine it appears and not a side engine "sidewinder". I'd ask a specialty forum...
  15. Hellion

    Can't figure out what is wrong with my 224 predator engine

    Whoa, only one thread mate or you'll raise the ire of the moderators. Are you a complete engine newb?
  16. Hellion

    For sale Manco 6” aluminum rims

    Try oldminibikes forum too. 🤫
  17. Hellion

    Dingo part 2 Finished pics

    10 at a time sounds about right, but a better option is to reply to your Part 1 thread and then upload more. Maybe have a mod merge all your extraneous picture threads into one thread for readability. Who are our active mods? Seems a moderator ghost town around here lately... 👻
  18. Hellion

    Manco 713 715 Indy

    Always post photos first because an explanation basically means nothing. Ever see a used car ad with no photos? Always a good idea to list your location either in the post or in your profile. There's always a market for the car-body go karts because of the novelty. Your best bet really is...
  19. Hellion

    1977 International Loadstar Drift Build!

    Nifty as flippin heck! This is an inspired, unique build and that is a pretty attractive truck. :popcorn:
  20. Hellion

    yerf dog 3203 build

    Most people wouldn't bother with such a mod because the factory, direct-linkage is unlike anything else out there. I mean you can go full-lock with just a flick of the wrist, essentially. The forum search engine is your friend. Regardless, welcome to the forum and don't forget to post some pics...