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    Karl That's a very helpful start, the code numbers where taken right side of carb, down along the fan shroud ? not a very sound spot cause the fan shroud could be changed very easy. I'm thinking engine block. The black colored Briggs code number 60102 940011 5909300 is a 1959 year, that's...
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    I bought these three engines & antique gas cans at a estate sale for $20.00 bucks.:auto::thumbsup: The two Briggs & Stratton have good recoil starters, the early looking one has a oil bath air breather, they turn over good with compression, both have same model no. 60102. The Tecumseh was...
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    212 throttle cable

    I need throttle cable for my 212 pred. what are you guys using??
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    left & right drive

    Question?? with the Predator 212 motor do they also make a right side drive?? It would make a duel motor drive the way to go. Are other manufactures building left or right drive motors, and will the drive clutch work left side right side??
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    Brake time

    I need brakes, can not fine?? need Idea, looking for a master cylinder ?? Going from the peddle 1/4 rod along the frame to the back behind the seat I want to mount a master cylinder down low to pull for brakes, can not find. You know they say that money's not every thing? but you just try to do...
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    0 turn slicks!!

    YA baby were talking slicks!! With the popularity of 0 turn lawn mowers showing up every where for sale, they run slick tires. The local farm store selling the mowers I checked the tire rack and the slicks looked good for a kart. I wrote down info size 11x6.00-5 ***** 13x5.00-6 Maker Hi-Run ...
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    2019 - Road Runner Kart

    Welcome all builders; This is my entry for 2019 DIY GK - thunder, karts name Road Runner. Wanted to build my own for a while, started the rear some what, hopefully I can finish this year. Good luck to all builders
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    miller 180

    Just bought a miller 180 mig at a garage sale for $450.00,:thumbsup:new con. Next I want a cart and a bottle of gas not sure?? It's going to help weld my karts tube frame together. Have a Miller thunderbolt stick weld, bought it 25 years ago. some welds were made already on the kart with it...
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    kart seats

    looking for some Ideas for and adult seat, single, self supporting, my 1 1/4" straight tube frame has 18" centers. I'm looking at this one on a net store universal high back, wt. 17lb ...
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    40 degree steering

    I'm a diy spindle guy, building a yard kart with the steering on the front, the wheel base is 54" inch. With the fit between the tire and bracket, it would be better at 40 degrees turning left and right. My spindle arm would stop against the spindle bracket at 40 degrees, do you think that...
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    Colemen ct 200u chokes

    I bought two Colemens at rock bottom price at two different times for $350.00 and then the store MC sports closed?? at that time 2016, I thought it was cheaper than I could build. Both mini bikes start good, run good, but after a warm up run and shut off they both will not start with out the...
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    front steering spindles

    Want a yard kart spindle set?? been looking and shopping a lot just about every one I found has about the same?? I don't want racing, I don't want u-weld kits, I don't want to fab my own, I don't want metric?? Most of the net stores selling parts don't give you size or dimensions that the barrel...
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    Hello from Northern Michigan

    I've been reading along for some time. I thought I would register in, there's no people around home here to talk about karts. I have a build going on right now and I will have questions and answers for this forum. I had a kart when I was a kid and now I'm building a better one. I'm not a...