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    5hp briggs governor and engine reving issue

    135212 5hp briggs. I was adjusting the governor last night and it starting getting dark so i gave up. I have turned it counter clockwise all the way it will start and instantly go to full throttle. Since the 3/16 bolt is stripped i have to manually turn the arm put the adjustment back on the arm...
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    145/70-6 Tires and brake caliper upgrade q's

    Whats up guys just got my kart up and running good now older Manco. The tires are shot passenger rear is the worst dry rott and the tube inside is starting to poke out.. dont wanna hit a rock with that.. kaboommm. Basically i bought it for my son and I just put a 10T sprocket on it and it runs...
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    30 series sprocket help

    5hp briggs, 30 series t.c, new coil, fresh fluids, new throttle cable, new throttle and break springs, new belt, I sanded most the rust off the clutch pulley so its real smooth. I Decided to take it out for a spin. Once it gets going it drives fine. When u come to a stop and you try to...
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    Manco 5HP Briggs 30 Series Help

    Hey, Here is a list of what I'm working on. I purchased this Manco last weekend. I know its not perfect but i have gone threw it and I see some potential. BTW this is going to be a project for my son and I. I have ordered a brand new magneto coil with ground, throttle cable, Throttle peddle...
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    Hello from far west chicago!

    Hey everyone! I just picked up my first Manco go kart last weekend and figured I'd introduce my self. I'm very far west from the city of Chicago. Very happy to join the forum! it's been a long time since I've posted or even joined a new forum! My Manco serial # 1627942 5hp Briggs & Stratton...