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  1. karl

    Divorced Gearbox 4 speed Manual

    Had this mosquito fogger 125cc china engine cracked open for over a year. Finally dids it. Removed all the unnecessary junk, torched /cut off the rod, blocked off holes , ect. Patched a crack with good ol marine tex. Ground the rivets off the flywheel, extracted the hub, and found an inch...
  2. karl

    The Mule

    The price of utility vehicles and golf carts are dumb. No thanks. Build own. Sub $300. Full suspension, rack and pinion steering, hydraulic brakes, electric start, led lights, cargo bed, winch, stereo, the works. Mint. Many prior mower parts, mower crate steel, welding, and ex-snowblower/...
  3. karl

    190cc Honda swapped 125 Pit bike Manual

    Totally not clickbait. Dumb idea, use blade stop clutch from a honda hrx217 hxa style push mower as a cheap 3d motorsport style manual clutch :P And preform mad wheelies and peels??? Took a junk gcv190 OHC vertical shaft with a bent crank, and swapped the crank from a motor that pushed a...
  4. karl

    Wheelchair lift truck thang

    I built a wheelchair some time ago, fun stuff, I typically used it to pull a 500lb+ roller, and pull mad wheelies. And I bought a winch on sale from the usual suspects, been sitting in my room for 6+ months. 1 day project to add the lift boom. All the steel I had around. Stupid heavy C channel...
  5. karl

    West Bend 820 Questions

    Hello, My brother received a brand new, old stock motor from a co-worker. It is complete other that a crank bearing, and engine covers. I had a few questions, how do you tell who manufactured it? Chrysler, US motor? And are the parts interchangeable between them? Also, what kind of...
  6. karl

    Unorthodox Head Swap GX200

    Dun thunk this up at work, watcha think? :P
  7. karl

    66mm Crankshaft? Gx390 clone

    Playing with a china engine, The old crank journal is too rough to polish out, and 7/8 shaft Weird engine , 66mm stroke, but 83mm bore = 357CC So 2mm more stroke, and 5mm less bore than a gx390. Anyways I already bought a new rod and milled the head about .050, I would like to do...
  8. karl

    Juggernaut clutch problems

    So I ordered this new fancy clutch to try out, The rig is a monster moto 212, stock motor , mods are 230-0211 NR Marine grind cam 10.8lb trick springs 4 degrees advance Re-jet Better flowing exhaust Governor turned to 4500rpm I installed the new clutch, new 203590 belt, and yellow...
  9. karl

    DNF - 2020 - Sears LT8 "Nasty Noma" Full suspension Off road

    Why not , building full tubular frame with long travel suspension and big tires. Old noma built mower, re-badge by sears Typical stamped mower, peerless 700, chain drive We had one growing up! Im on the right, as you can see my dad threw a 18hp twin on it, and removed the hood :lolgoku...
  10. karl

    How to DOUBLE your China clone's Power

    Should I throw $30 into this for a double row #40 chain coupler? Rest must be used/junked parts and scrap in the garage. Two junkyard 208's = 416cc
  11. karl

    OHSK90 Tecumseh OHV Build

    Something I have wanted to do for some time, play with a Tecumseh OHV motor. My other OHSK90 is clapped out. So I found a sufficient sacrifice for the build. Bonus, it has the high output duel charge coil, 5 magnet flywheel. I will use a regular flywheel , no magnets or ring gear, and a scatter...
  12. karl

    FNR gearbox breakdown/dumb idea

    I know documentation is limited on this type of chinese thing, but does anyone have a parts breakdown for a ebay/ chinese buggy forward-neutral-reverse box? Mine is cozy in it's home, and just wanted to see if I could debunk a dumb idea of mine Mainly is reverse just a chain? , and the dog...
  13. karl

    Karl's kart V2

    I decided to build another kart, live axle, and capable of supporting v-twin/40series or 340cc rotax power Proper DIY kart , from 1in OD 3/4 ID tubing , I wanted it to look like an azusa kart, with the double row frame for rigidity. Should be fun
  14. karl

    Rim Narrowing/Alter

    If anyone is interested, I wanted to mount skinny 3 rib tires on the front of my 69 cub cadet 106. The rims are 8in diameter, 6.5 in width, so I cut them down to 4in for the 4.00x8 ribs After 3 cut off wheels, much welding and grinding, I think I got it I intend to use the 8in cutouts to...
  15. karl

    Clutch Fail

    Took the minibike out for a spin today, about half a mile away the clutch started slipping bad, I was able to limp it back home. The old 13 series claims it's first victim :oops: Never had one fail in such a manner, this one was in service for 3 years. Anybody else have some clutch...
  16. karl

    357cc Blown Rod Revival

    Figured I would share to help save some motors from the scrapyard. The engine is a 357cc 11-12hp "clone" MTD conglomerate engine that suffered a LOL. (lack of lubrication) The engine has a 83 x 66 bore and stroke, so you cannot use any honda , or other clone parts. Just about everything is...
  17. karl

    Command V-twin Turbo

    I planned on doing a big bore single , but I found a much better donor. The bottom end is a CH640 Kohler Command 38ci (624cc) 3.03 bore x 2.64 stroke 8.5 :1 compression ratio Rated 20hp @ 3600 rpm , 32.6 ft/lbs @ 2600 Pressure lube (very handy for a turbo), electric start and...
  18. karl

    Sketch tire shredder Live axle delete!

    I pulled the live axle and bearings off my kart for the mower build. The 212 that was on the kart is down for some rework, so the briggs came out of retirement. I threw this together for the fun of it, I wanted to experience a typical 1 wheel yard cart with too much power and speed. I had...
  19. karl

    Mudding Mower build

    Its looking good so I decided to start a build log. This is a 92 craftsman That I converted to 1in live axle with pillow blocks. It has a HM100 10hp tecumseh, 30 series, and a FNR box. It should be hard to get stuck. I still need to rebuild and improve the steering, and make the jackshaft...
  20. karl

    Ebay fnr box?

    Anyone have experience with these? I have a mower I am converting to live axle with a 10hp tecumseh and knockoff 30 series. Reverse is very nice when off roading. So after the box, there will be another jackshaft then solid rear axle, for a top speed around 15-18mph. Most of them are rated...