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    electric motor stuttering

    Bldc 48 volt motor and matching controler ...6-1 sprockets...everything has worked well for 10-12 rides.....when rear wheels are off the ground everything spins nicely. when a rider sits on it and attempts to drive.... you hear a sound which sound like the chain skipping over the...
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    twitchy steering

    I know this has probably been covered....but I can't find it. As an adult I can wrestle the steering to keep steering smooth, but I'm sure the grand kid can't. How can I smooth out the Kart twitchyness in the steering. Lengthen the pitman arm ? shorten the pitman arm ? lengthen the tie rod...
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    gear ratio

    I've seen the recommended ratio of 6 :1 seems for gas karts. i've built a 48volt/1800 watt...cart weighs about 150...rider weighs 200 currently 12 tooth drive gear and 54 tooth on this within recommended ratio for electric ??? Tanks Redflash
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    new old guy from Central California

    just picked a 1968 Rupp's what I've done so far ( pictures to follow ) extended frame 9 inches straightened bent front axles powered by 48 volt electric motor 1800 amp 48 volt controller and throttle pedal 18 inch rear lawn tires on 6 " rims 13 inch front tires on 6 inch rims...