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  1. RobertD

    Announcing DIYGK's 2020 Champ!!! GegCorp!

    Congrats to the winner with massive praise, golf claps, crowd noise, adoration, huzzah's, and glasses raised in the air! :cheers2: GEGcorp "Dirt Bobber Trike" IS DIYGK'S 2020 WINNER OF THE BUILD OFF! Thank you...
  2. RobertD


  3. RobertD


    Well, 2020 has been a heck of a year. However, several awesome builds around these parts have happened, and that has been awesome to watch! VOTE HERE:
  4. RobertD

    Go Kart Car? LOL

    As seen today when going to grab some lunch. LOL!
  5. RobertD

    Still taking suggestions!

    That is all. ;)
  6. RobertD

    Changes in how to post / read

    I'd like to encourage this: What have you seen that is different, and what needs to be done to accomplish the same thing? Have things been confusing, and if so, what was your solution? And if you need help figuring something out, post it!
  7. RobertD

    smilie test

  8. RobertD

    Avatar (User pics) seem junky now

    You may have to re-upload your user picture. Mine, at least got downgraded to junk status. As always, keep it classy, don't upload something stupid! ;)
  9. RobertD

    New Software!

    Welcome to the new DIYGK software! The import took around 5 hours, so we were down for quite some time 8/26. This new software we will find is much better. Phone support, better upload support, better everything. I'll need to spend some time 8/27 configuring it, so note that it is very rough...
  10. RobertD

    Periodic Down Time

    Howdy folks, I'm moving this software to a new version, and we will be up and down periodically while this happens. If you can't access, know that's it's because in the internet garage turning internet wrenches. :2guns: Robert So, FYI, the forum will look different. And I'm sure it will...
  11. RobertD

    Announcing DIYGK's 2019 Champ!!! JTSpeedDemon

    Congrats to all the members that posted up great PHOTOS, build LOGS, and INFO that we've all enjoyed following along. And congrats to JTSpeedDemon, Mr. Flat Head Crazed builder! :thumbsup::thumbsup: Fun kart, fun build, fun to follow along...
  12. RobertD

    Steam Powered Mini Backyard Train

    Because, why not?
  13. RobertD

    Announcing DIYGK's 2018 Champ!!! Joe 405

    Joe-405 Mini Buggy - Grudge Racer - SCCA Solo is the build off champ for the 2018 year long build!!! From start: To Finish! ---------- Post added at 10:16 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:12 PM ---------- :wai: :cheers2...
  14. RobertD

    Build Off Voting Open!

    Don't forget to vote! :thumbsup::auto:
  15. RobertD

    Digital Calipers Cheap

    Found another deal on Amazon... $10 Bucks... After buying two calipers from harbor freight over the last few years for more than this (15-20?), I'm going to give these a shot. Both of my HF ones crapped out, and at $10 bucks, I'm in for these. Maybe better, but can't be worse! Either...
  16. RobertD

    Dremel Tool w/ Flex Shaft $20

    Crazy Deal Alert! I bought one of the HF ones a while back for more than this, and this has the flex shaft doohicky! If anyone doesn't have one of these, this is a good time to get one. I might do the same because I really want that flexible option... Enjoy...
  17. RobertD

    Pop up Tents

    Anyone bought / used one of these? I've bought what I think looks similar from our regional sporting goods store, (Academy) but that seems like a fairly good price (w/ coupon @49.99...) Could be bigger, 64sqft isn't exactly 10x10...
  18. RobertD

    Fireplace Fix?

    OK builders, whatcha think on this? My house was built in 1920. The fireplace's firebox is getting into rough shape. We had someone come out and re-grout it when they did a chimney sweep, but now the grout is showing it's just falling out again. I'm thinking of two things: 1) Rip out the...
  19. RobertD

    OBD II Scanner for Car Check Engine

    Continuing my series of super cheap Amazon finds --- I've been having a misfire with my daily driver, a 4Runner. It's been really annoying to have to drive a vehicle up to the auto parts store and get those codes read! I've been swapping the coils around and trying to narrow down what the...
  20. RobertD

    Cheap Dewalt Drivers Deal

    Another Amazon find. This little case is usually 40 bucks (!?!?) (or so says Amazon, anyway) but it's $12 delivered! from Amazon. DEWALT DW2166 45-Piece Screwdriving Set with Tough Case