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    Briggd and Stratton Industrial plus

    Are these the same as an I/C engine? This engine was from 1995. I can't find much of anything detailed on Google. Hoping someone knows something about it. I figure steelsleeve and at least 1 bearing but idk. going to try and stick a magnet to check sleeve.
  2. J

    new engine for a new build.

    Found on the Craigslist. Has compression. Bad carb for now.
  3. J


    Looking for a doodle bug around Central Alabama. Will drive an hour or so if deal is right. Help me out!!! thanks
  4. J

    good freebie score

    was headed to home depot and found a couple of horizontal shaft Briggs and Stratton flat heads. one on a tiller and one on an edger. seemed to have compression. will update when i get back home. edger runs tiller runs but has a screech noise sometimes. carb is an issue won't stay running.
  5. J

    alot of hemis

    saw a pile of them at harbor freight today.
  6. J

    cheap battery charger for gokar or minibike.

    Just use an old standby charger and new battery from any att uverse charter or similar battery backup. it tops it off unlike harborfreight trickle charger. not perfect gonna resolder wires and extend. but it will alway be ready and not overcharge.
  7. J

    Hemi 212 electric start.

    So i was cruising harbor freight and they had one out. It is an electric start hemi. I know you can use kohler parts etc, but has anyone else seen this. Time to start the hunt. Probably old news but ive never seen one in person. Here is a video not mine showing the hemi 212...
  8. J

    How can i lower idle speed?

    I have already turned screw all the way out. It is still a little bit too high. Any other ideas or solutions? 212 hemi and a chinese tq converter
  9. J

    another id thread

    Vintage bikes are impossible to find. Anyone know about this one or have opinions?
  10. J

    is this a doodle bug?

    found local to me they want 40. deal or not?
  11. J

    eye candy

    thought I'd share not a 212. manifold for 821 cubic inches of American muscle. what a beaut.
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    Can someone id this one?

    Local for 125. Thinking about grabbing it but idk
  13. J

    30 series torque converter

    I bought a chinese converter off amazon put it on ct200u ex. I think my belt alignment is slightly off after putting a straight edge on it. Is there a good writeup somewhere showing where to put washers spacers etc? Please post links. PIcs whatever. I have on mine so far in this order driver...
  14. J

    hisun parts 196

    Whole engine is disassembled. All parts are FREE but YOU pay shipping Not really wanting to sell to make a profit but i have it apart and would be willing to ship to you on your dime if you need something. Let me know if you need anything and i will get a pic etc. This engine had no...
  15. J

    Camera Mounts

    So I am looking to get one but just seeing what kinds if any do you guys use. Almost got this one on amazon but just looking at others first...
  16. J

    2018 Coleman ct200u-ex build

    Ok SO i met a guy and bought a go-kart and a minibike for 70 bucks. The cart was more than i wanted to fool with so i sold it for 40 bucks. I decided to build the Mini bike. So far I have purchased chinklefab TAV2, new bearings, new brake lever, new brake cable, new throttle cable new chain...
  17. J

    Free Go cart There is a pic. Here is a link to my original thread. Cart only nothing else. Besides wheels. Local pickup only. I can meet a few minutes from my house, or you can come pick...
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    letgo score.

    finally found what I was looking for. the minibike is just extra.
  19. J

    help identifying

    Ok. I've been looking for a decent 1 seater. I found this one. anyone know what it is? this will probably be the first of many in my search.
  20. J


    Name is Justin, from Alabama. Cruising through Harbor freight the other day and found a Hemi Predator. We never have them here so i got it with a 99 dollar coupon. This was about 2 weeks ago. This got me started on hunting parts for a vintage build like i had when i was younger. Anyway cool...