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    Veterans Day 2012

    yes, the people... who have Served, and who are Serving, Freedom...on the land, in the air, on the seas. that's what Remembrance Day (and this thread) is about.
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    Veterans Day 2012

    as true today as it ever was. President Lincoln was known as a man of few words, but i do not think he would mind if i added a qualifier: "A nation that does not (properly) honor it's heroes, will not long endure."
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    Veterans Day 2012

    If you know a Veteran, or anyone on Active Duty, or a Military Family... Today would be a good day to reach out to them, and to say "Thank You for Your Service."
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    got 2 electric scooters

    you can also explore using friction-drive parts as an easier route than mixing and matching wheels & sprockets & whatever. you can find ready-made clutches & rollers that'll bolt right on to these engines. and just so you know: that 47cc engine comes with a bowl carburetor and requires a...
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    buyer feedback on the forum

    so i just finished negotiating a deal for some of my stuff in "for sale" and i thought back on the one previous deal i've done here. never heard a single peep from the buyer one way or the other, so i'll assume no news is good news, but... i think it would be a great help to the community if...
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    Courtesy Post of All My Stuff.

    by PM request, this is all the stuff i have available: apologies to the mods, i will get it all cleaned up after transacting.
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    FS: (2) BMI Billet Idler Hubs 3/4"

    Two of these: 3/4" #380100 Kit Brand new/never used. $60.00 includes USPS Priority shipping & tracking. Accepting Paypal or USPS (only USPS) Money Order. Terms: Pair only. I need to wait for payment in order to ship. Paypal can take up to 4 business days to be transferred to my debit card...
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    one crazy-a$$ electric bicycle

    not mine. guy i bought an old ZAP ElectriCruiser from has it, his dad built it. uses a starter motor and car battery, suicide on/off, cable-activated solenoid, sidewall friction-drive. last pic is the bike i bought.
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    FS: Genuine Comet 30 Driver & Driven, plus Belt

    ~ Series 30 3/4" bore Driver (not including top bolt and washer) ~ Series 30 6" diameter Driven for 5/8" shaft (includes 2 1/4" keystock) ~ Belt #203589A (from TAV2 kit) All new/never used. $120.00 includes USPS Priority shipping & tracking. Accepting Paypal or USPS (only USPS) Money...
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    "Posting & You"...funny video about forum usage
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    ah...beautiful girls!

    i'm having lunch at the green spot, a local flea market/swap meet. outside the door...a beautiful young woman with an irresistably-exotic style pedals up on a fat-tire high-rise cruiser...and i'll be honest, i made a spectacle of myself leaning way over and craning my neck for a prolonged good...
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    Memorial Day

    buckley wa. may 2010: my heartfelt thanks to all who served and who are serving, this is one great country because of you.
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    want real help? then post pics, dangit.

    Tanaka 47cc Type-R (factory-ported) 2-stroke... this beast has a legendary reputation in it's class...out of production for 5 years, rare, mine's brand new :)
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    vetter (fuel economy) challenge

    you guys work with drivetrains that could easily meet this efficiency challenge...i did mention when i first joined that i was intrigued about the collective knowledge of the forum being put to a slightly different use...
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    cyclekarts, a slightly different breed.

    for anyone interested:
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    WTB: custom friction-drive roller

    WTB: custom friction-drive roller (solved) got what i need.
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    Brake light switches, info (maybe pics) please?

    ok, so these are stock photos of the hubs i have. i need brake light switches, and i prefer using something NOS for mechanical coolness & ease of maintenance. there's a few choices, affordable too. i've seen all the stock photos, but before i make any choices i figure i'll ask if anyone has...
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    Torque Converter on a Motorized Bicycle

    we are in bid'ness! ok, so anyone interested has read my rant about the matter anymore, me and my buddies are moving with it not against it. everyone else will be on his or her own, and won't be able to have any further effect on my right to ride, so i don't have anything to...
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    40 series keyway depth

    when you buy bore adapter sleeves from some sources, they include an "over-deep" key...since you're going from 3/4" to 1" i think you'll need a stepped key to allow for different keyway widths. as Russ mentioned, once it's all assembled, it will behave as if solid...