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  1. gegcorp2012

    Propane Pulsejet powered kart

    Just found the Crazy Rocketman's channel on YT. Note, this is not his craziest work either. Playlist
  2. gegcorp2012

    24 Hours of Lemons : Barber Motorsports 2/5/22

    Hey, is anyone planning to be at the Lemons race this weekend at the Barber Motorsports Park ? I would like to meet up if anyone is planning the trip. They have the most awesome Motorcycle Museum there is, and it's in an area where there are other attractions like Bass Pro, Buc-ees and The...
  3. gegcorp2012

    Yard Track upgrade

    Upgraded turn #4 on my yard track. Thanks to my good neighbor Zach with the 4wd JD with the loader bucket.
  4. gegcorp2012

    Ride Videos: GEGcorp2012 Trike

    I took the Dirt Bobber out for a spin today. Need some advice on how to make a vibration proof camera mount. I tried a piece of conduit pipe with flanges that bolt to my sissy bar, and it worked <kinda>, but it was too rough to get a good video in the yard. So I set up the dash cam on the...
  5. gegcorp2012

    Chikuni throttle cable mod

    I am installing a Mikuni clone (a Chikuni) on my Predator 212 and am about to hack my throttle cable. What's the best way to keep from cutting my existing cable (that I paid $ for) so short ? Is there a way to use a short piece of cable inside the carb and put some kind of adjuster block or...
  6. gegcorp2012

    Band Saw tip

    Hey, If you have a band saw, you will eventually have a broken or damaged blade as well. I took my first damaged blade and sliced it into a few pieces to make a couple of other blades.... I used a grinder and drill to make the right shape to try a piece in my "Sawzall" recip saw, however the...
  7. gegcorp2012

    Rat Rod compressor

    Heres a rescue project nearing complete. Based on took a 20 gallon tank from a Craftsman 220v 2HP 7 scfm at 40 PSI compressor that had reed valve issues. I rook off the original motor and compressor head, and added a Honda GX160 from a power washer that I rescued from the curb on trash day...
  8. gegcorp2012

    Experimental tubing bender from a 20HP engine

    Not using as a tool yet, but hopefully will make a demo video if it works as expected. I'm attempting to make a gear driven tubing bender out of a tired old engine. Here's where I got the idea: I found a couple of YT videos the other night where people have made gear driven metal benders...
  9. gegcorp2012

    Surface prep / blasting tools

    What kind of rig do you have for surface prep like stripping rust and old paint etc? I decided to get a power washer attachment to draw in some sand blasting media (wet blasting) and tried it the other day but the bag-o-sand I had was too wet and I was not able to use it as I had planned. I...
  10. gegcorp2012

    30 cents a pound engines

    I rescued this Kohler Command 25 from the local scrap yard today. When I got home, I did some googling to sort out the wiring and realized I needed to grab the rectifier and possibly an ignition advance module as well. Planning to go back tomorrow to pick some tires and front axle and other...
  11. gegcorp2012

    DIY portable band saw table

    I have been wanting one of these for a while. There is a metal table that is really cool called port-a-band saw table but it does not seem to fit the Bauer from HF. I may try to make one from metal one day, but I immediately started this wood table before ever using my new Bauer. I watched a...
  12. gegcorp2012

    Help with a Chi-kuni swap

    Working on rainy day projects and decided to try to install a 23mm Chinese Mikuni swap onto my stage 1 Predator 212. First issue out of the box is the carb flange bolt holes are threaded. Next, I take off the stock (but jetted and working) carb and see that the bolt holes on the Chi-Kuni are...
  13. gegcorp2012

    EZ-out : repair a broken bolt

    The EZ Out or Easy Out screw extractor set offers a low cost way to remove the remaining part of a broken bolt. I had to do this repair on a broken bolt on my CVT driven clutch the other day and thought I might have to scrap my 212 crank, or replace the motor, but everything went well with the...
  14. gegcorp2012

    Video recording rig

    Last year I got interested in karting and built a really fun yard kart. Part of the fun has been to try and share the view from the drivers seat, and that has been a challenge so far. I tried using my phone as a video camera, but driving one handed is not safe at >25 mph in the yard, and I have...
  15. gegcorp2012

    Tubing bender turns into a dock jack

    I had to lift a boat dock at the river today. One of the main posts (a pier or pile, typically pounded into the muddy lake bed) had settled a few inches, so I needed to lift up a section of the boat dock dock and re-fasten it. The challenge was to do this while standing on the dock and...
  16. gegcorp2012

    CVT carnage

    Took my Yard Kart out for a spin today, and was starting to lean on it pretty good and all of the sudden, a loud noise and the motor rapped up to 4650 and quit abruptly. I figured I had wrapped the chain, so I clicked through the tachometer screens and that is where I saw the new max RPM...
  17. gegcorp2012

    Neew shop

    Last summer I started a 24x40 pole barn that will be my home office and a 3 bay garage with plenty of storage and some additional "outdoor living" space. There is a power line easement and a large tree that constrained the size and placement of the structure, so I was originally plannig a...
  18. gegcorp2012

    2020 - GEGcorp "Dirt Bobber Trike"

    I was doing some teardown last night and noticed that I have an opportunity to make something unique for the buildoff. This is a side journey using parts that will eventually go into my buggy build. I think I can pull off a 1000cc 2-wheel steering trike that would meet the safety criteria for...
  19. gegcorp2012

    GEGcorp - Papa Bear buggy

    <Edited Feb 5 2021 > This project started out in the 2020 Build Off contest but I asked to have it moved over here in the Projects section because I want to take my time on this build. The new direction I am headed is to use plans and build a cross cart [the "Cheeta Buggy" by Homemade Madness]...
  20. gegcorp2012

    Speed testing

    I have been looking for an app that will run on my Android to do timed runs using GPS clocking. It took a few downloads, but I finally located an app that has some cool features and looks promising. The app is called Track Addict and it has profiles for 4 types of timed performance. I have a...