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  1. Poboy kartman

    What The Facebook?

    I hardly jack with it...but I just went there... And there were all these freind requests from ' wherever these slugs come from and their signatures are a bunch of squiggly crap. Yeah...I wanna be freinds with some 3rd world Muslim...... Ummmmmm.......nooooooo!!!!
  2. Poboy kartman

    Weird but true..

    Now this won't be any fun if people Google, but what is the weirdest, seemingly harmless way a US President was killed?
  3. Poboy kartman

    This could get scary

    Ummm....for those that don't know. Tube fishing at its basic, is sitting in a truck inner tube with your legs in the water. Soooo...snakes see you as a place to take a rest. (Not really a problem, you just move and they go away.) Now, night fishing, a light just draws the snakes in like moths...
  4. Poboy kartman

    The olden golden days

    Let's explore just a bit....what used to be, and what is. I just ordered an LED lantern online. Let's break that down. Just a few years back, a camping lantern (Coleman) ran on unleaded gas, and you had to pump the bejabbers outta that sucker. Before that, the old kerosene lamp, with a wick...
  5. Poboy kartman

    Are your neighbors your friends?

    Try to borrow some money. Seriously, just $20. You may be unpleasantly surprised. I just tried to borrow $600 from a couple. Oh...they are just experiencing the hardest times of their lives right now. Whatever. What's stupid is...this is like a no brainer business deal. I just don't have...
  6. Poboy kartman

    Say goodnight Gracie!!!

    Soon enough. (Don't make war with Poboy!)
  7. Poboy kartman

    It blows my mind

    Well, some of the stuff people to start... Mc Donalds! Really? Like billions of crappy burgers served? Its like their billboard is saying: " We screwed a bunch of dipsticks!" When my daughter was young, she wanted those Crappy Meals, to get the "toys" ( they were crappier!) After...
  8. Poboy kartman

    This ought to be mandatory

    It should be mandatory that new members view : (available by Google) Mad Max Gokart Paintball Wars.' and Mad Max Gokart Paintball wars behind the scenes. It may not totally desensitizive them enough to be able to handle this forum, but, at least give them a taste of what they are in for! ( If...
  9. Poboy kartman

    Thanks guys

    Just a shout out to all the lurkers out there that have followed my posts. I truly appreciate it, and as a couple of threads I started are now averaging out at about 50,000 views, I'm both honored and humbled. I only hope I've brought some diversion from life's stress and some humor in your...
  10. Poboy kartman

    Global warming

    Ok...this has ALWAYS been a little bit of a sore point for me. WHAT THE HECK DOES WHETHER WE DESTROY THE PLANET HAVE TO DO WITH POLITICS? Now, we can all agree to disagree, but WHY? Does this bother me? It's not the old Superman episode where the planet moves too close to the sun and fries...
  11. Poboy kartman

    Bye bye Miss American Pie

    Figure it out. I'm 60 today. Time to grow up.
  12. Poboy kartman

    Harbor Freight Tools that DO suck

    For me....almost anything : "Drillmaster" sucks! Chicago Electric tools are pretty good. The cheapo dremel tools are completely are the $4 dolly wheels. I think it might be much more helpful to highlight the tools that are going to cost you....although both are helpful.
  13. Poboy kartman

    Who's your Yabby?

    I'm jealous!
  14. Poboy kartman

    Looking for advice on posts

    I've got a job to fence in some pasture land with barbed wire fencing. I'm looking for suggestions on posts that will last.
  15. Poboy kartman

    Rooster Lives Matter, too!

    Got this statue on Clearance from Wal-Mart....
  16. Poboy kartman

    BBQ Sauce?

    I've already PM'd a Proffessional for his secret family recipie with 27 herbs and deadly chemicals....but I thought...what the hey? What commercial sauces do you guys like....and what kind of concoctions or modifications to commercial sauces are you guys up to?
  17. Poboy kartman

    This is a tough call

    So the other day, I hear a noise and a neighbor is having his Jeep delivered via wrecker. Front end smashed to bejeebers. Said he's waiting on insurance. Now...he rear ended a parked car. BUT!!!! The car was "parked" in the middle of the road...because the owner ran out of gas.
  18. Poboy kartman

    "For you beginners...."

    A proper gokart should have a throttle cable, functional brakes, a seat, and NOT have Harbor Freight tires. That set-up is for "experts" only.:sarcasm:
  19. Poboy kartman

    Po ol Gan

    What a shame. Poor guy comes here for advice. Gets a little flack from me about a profile location...(because he says there aren't any karts on Craigslist) ...winds up FILLING OUT A PROFILE LOCATION....but some people just want to make a Federal case out of it...wind up hijacking the thread...
  20. Poboy kartman

    Let nature take it's course

    Thought I'd start another thread everyone can chime in on, because it's really just about opinions and how you view things. A few years ago, I was fairly active on a snake forum. So...I've gotten into snakes...(a little)...even though I used to be deathly afraid of them, but most fears are due...