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  1. ed1380

    Home made shifter kart

    I scored a xt70 motor from the scrapyard, so what better way to use it than put it in a kart. 6hp with 3 speed isn't going to break any records, but it should still be fun. I spent the last few nights coming up with a design. Just a simple ladder frame. The design will change a little...
  2. ed1380

    comet tav 30 worth? honda 72cc?

    got both from a friend but I cant fit in my kart anymore, so I'd like to sell them. I was wondering what are they worth? comet tav 30 and a honda 4 stroke 4speed 72cc. I'll try to get both started in the next few days. Thanks pics in a few
  3. ed1380

    sell or build

    still got the klr600 engine and parts laying around. past few days ive been actualy thinking of putting it together. i have both tires front brake system fork swingarm + shock engine wiring gauge cluster headlight i would need frame-$140 gas tank some more wiring handlebar and related stuff...
  4. ed1380

    carb for tec

    i have a 6.5hp tec but its always had carb issues. it got a brand new rod in there so i dont want to waste it. can i use any carb as long as the correct adapter is made? how would using a diferent carb affect tuning or runing? PS i dont want to spend lots of money on it. maybe $20-30 on ebay...
  5. ed1380

    So i herd you like mudkipz

    and AWD karts. heres my beauty. it took me from 4-7am to take the intake manifold and head off. mom says i dont have to go to school :sifone: thing was a royal PITA. worst would have to be the coolant lines to the throttle body. you get 2 inches of clearance and they're cooked on :surrender: i...
  6. ed1380

    great site to bookmark

    i did
  7. ed1380


    which one of you is this?
  8. ed1380

    Ed's offroad kart take 2

    now that i have a job and an engiine im back in wanting to build an offroad kart. im been doing this for the past week or so. i still got a few concerns and of course money is a big problem. heres what i have so far anyone know if a hollow 1 1/4 steel axle will hold up? the front is almost...
  9. ed1380


    i got me an engine. kl600. WOOT im so happy. all those times of bad luck have payed off. it even has a freshly rebuilt carb. yall will never guess how much it cost. well heres the obligatory pics. anyone know where i can find more info on it? i have found exploded diagrams, but no hp...
  10. ed1380

    Moped restoration

    so my cousin gave me. well actually i asked for it but that doesnt matter. i need something to do over christmas break. ok so i got a mid 90's 80cc scooter with the drivetrain in pieces. a box w/ the engine and tc and another one with all the bolts and crap(thats a project in its own) being a...
  11. ed1380

    funny craigs ad

    just saw this while browsing cl for free stuff. made me chuckle a bit kibbs, if you want me to i can get it and ship it over to you :roflol:
  12. ed1380

    150cc engine for $150

    found it on craigslist id get it if i had the extra cash and the will to make a kart so im letting maybe one of yall score PS: its much better than a flathead PSS: i believe they come with a torque converter instead of a 4sp...
  13. ed1380

    shifter kart neonz

    i gotz neonz on my kart. check it out :sifone: i be pimpin fly, yo :bannana: lol and just a regular one
  14. ed1380

    WTB: fuel tank for 3hp briggs

    ace wanted $40 for it. no way jose. anyone got one they be willing to sell? i cant find a part number for it because no such serial number exists acccording to jacckssmallengines. 92502 0773-04 77051905 they have 92502-0773-99 and its a vert shaft
  15. ed1380

    3hp briggs tank + serial

    i need a fuel tank for a 3hp horizontal briggs. ace hardware cant do anything without the numbers off the engine. too bad mine doesnt have any. so anyone got a part number for tank or serial number of this kind of engine thanks
  16. ed1380

    jr dragster stuff anyone want it? not me just found it. looks like a good deal. feal sorry for the guy. he spent over a grand for 16hp
  17. ed1380


    i might go inactive for some time. got me a new shifter cart :arf: im gonna be working on it from now on, so IDK how much time ill have left for here
  18. ed1380

    Video Games

    lets talk about vidya games here played the demo for grid. hard as heck w/o wheel and pedals. post away
  19. ed1380

    tec 6hp mods

    we got a briggs 5hp mod thread. how about a tec 6hp? :devil2: i took some pics this morning heres the headcover or w/e you call it. i took some 1000grit to it. im hoping the piston at TDC doesnt hit it the head. most likely going to dremel the ridge between the valves and cylinder my...
  20. ed1380

    clutch and tires and more

    i finaly got the engine running and semi tuned up. i found these tires on HF, and the axle size matches up. would that wheel work? or is it not rated for enough speed? 2nd question. what gearing ratio should i get. ive heard that 6:1 is a nice middle. so thatd be a 12 gear clutch and a 72...