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    Honda gx620 help

    I have been on that site already but thank you. I've tried an m10 bolt but slightly too large. Think it's 3/8 just want to be sure
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    Torque Converter Tantrums

    Looks like from the pictures that your driven is missing the "buttons" if so it will not shift properly.
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    Honda gx620 help

    About to mount my Comet 780 but I don't know what size bolt to use. 3/8"fine thread is what most big blocks use. However I am only able to get 4 turns in and hit resistance. Up to that point the bolt runs in fairly smooth Can anyone verify what the correct bolt is for a gx620 is before I...
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    How much pullrope are you using?????

    I'm not running anything radical. Billet flywheel and rod. Stock cam 212. I always rotate the engine with the pull rope until I hit the compression stroke. Then reset the pull rope back and give her a good yank. Since I've started doing this I've never had a problem.
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    Axles for IRS

    They show them on the cars and cameras video of the event. Not sure who it is tho. There were 3 classes. Pitbikes, hard tail and full suspension.
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    Axles for IRS

    Used a genuine Chinese belt 2 weeks ago when I race in the GPS 180. 196cc stage 1. We lost the handlebars 102 min into the race up to that point the belt was still good. Plus it was on the bike for the past 3 years I've had the bike. Have your alignment and gearing correct for best results.
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    Yamaha pro hauler 700

    Not sure where this post belongs. Getting one of these very cheep. Cant find any specs on the tc setup. Looks like a yamaha mx360 engine. Very sililar to honda gx340. Cant tell what tc setup is in it. Or how the gearbox mates to the rear end or any of the gear ratios. Anyhow any help would...
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    No dyno?

    How come there isnt better info on power gained from specific improvements? I understand the car world has 100x the people and money in the hobby. But it seems as if nobody has ever put one of these motors on a dyno.( i know thats not true just seems that way.) Tired of all these youtube...
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    Anyone use this 420 cam?

    As the title says anyone use this cam? I called up there but didnt get much info on the cam other than he said you have to run stock springs. 420 is going in a larger cart. Going to do intake and exhaust and this cam. Machine is...
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    New here

    Been watching for a long time thought i would join. Currently have a baja minibike waiting for motor swap, a blister scorpion with a 6hp tecumseh, and just picked up a manco super duece ( no motor) for 250$. Info on these is hard to find. Looks like the imput shaft is broke and the company is...