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    Runner 83-84/ch/08 O-Ring Kit Brake Help

    I have a go kart with a runner 83-84/ch/08 brake caliper/master cylinder set up and can’t find anything on the internet for a O ring replacement or rebuild kit. Does anyone know where l can find a Thank you in advance for your advice!
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    Kart identification needed.

    Here’s a Kart someone is trying to sell me but I need to know the name brand if anybody can help me so I can figure out how much It will cost to redo. I found a picture of one that is finished but the guy has no idea the name brand of it. Thanks in advance!
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    Kart Identification Help

    Hello I just bought this Margay Kart frame for $160 with partial components fort the front which would have made it a roller for a steal but don’t know the model or range of year this kart was made. I found the Margay stickers on it and the Id plate at the front left side which was covered in...