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    Kickstart for Small Engine

    Is there any way in which a kickstart could be mounted to a leaf blower engine? I have a husqvarna 350bt engine going in a mini dirt bike, and without the large plastic flywheel, it is very hard to pullstart. Is there any way I can rig one up either custom or through a kit of some kind?
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    Rpm vs torque and power

    I have a little two stroke bike I’m building, and I was just wondering how rpm works vs. net power. The two stroke I’m rebuilding makes 7000 rpm while my four stroke go kart only makes 3000 rpm. The go kart engine is obviously considerably bigger and obviously makes more torque, but if geared...
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    Expansion chamber for leaf blower motor?

    I was just thinking how hilarious it would be to run an expansion chamber on a two stroke 50 cc leaf blower dirt bike I am building. Does anyone know if I would actually gain power from this? It is a two stroke, but a fairly small one. Thoughts? Obviously it isn't a practical application, just...
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    Go kart brake pedal travel

    Any idea on how I might increase the travel of my brake pedal, it’s sort a fast deploying brake and the pedal doesn’t move very far, any ideas for how to increase the travel so it can ease into stops better? It is a GPS Trailmaster 80T Hydraulic Brake
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    Rust on mild steel

    I recently finished building the frame on my go kart and was wondering how I can keep rust off. I would like to leave it the plain steel color if possible, and have even clear coasted it. The main issue I’m concerned with is surface rust becoming deep rust, especially since the steel tubing has...
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    Husqvarna two stroke

    Was browsing facebook marketplace and saw a $25 backpack blower. It's a Husqvarna 350bt, 50.2cc two stroke. I'm building a gas powered razor dirt bike and I'm planning to use it. Anyways, the engine is not running, we fixed the pull start that was the supposed issue. It has good compression...
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    50cc 4-stroke vs. 28cc 2-stroke

    So my friend and I are debating. We are modding a razor electric kids dirt bike. We are going to swap it for a gas engine, but that’s where the issue comes up. We can either buy a cheap 2-stroke lawnmower and snag the engine which is about 25-30 cc, or we can put on a Honda gx50 4-stroke which...
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    Clockwise two stroke

    Anyone know where I might be able to buy a small (like 50cc) clockwise turning two stroke? I have looked and can’t really seem to find a place that sells them. Alternatively I could run a counter-clockwise two stroke backwards but ideally it shouldn’t have to come to that. Any thoughts? A...
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    13 to 18 inch wheels

    So I just upgraded from 13x4 inch rear wheels to 18x8, I have a non-hemi predator 212cc. When testing the go kart, it seemed to have great acceleration (We are running an 11 tooth clutch to a 60 tooth sprocket on a live axle). With these 18 inch wheels, the calculation on top speed goes from 25...
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    Hey, I had some questions about wheels. I recently purchased an axle that sticks out 1.5 inches on either side of the frame, and with my hub flanges, it will stick out 2.5 inches on either side. I was wondering if the center of the wheel hub, which bolts to the hub flange, could be offset or...
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    Live axle wheel hubs

    madprofessor suggested I look into wheel hubs from bmikarts. I realize that while these are my best option, I only have 1 3/4 inches at most of my 1” OD Hanging out on either side of the frame. So I have a 36 inch wide frame, with a 50 inch live axle. Due to the pillow blocks, I only have 1 3/4...
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    Live axle

    I recently posted, but it was a big paragraph and I wanted to simplify. I bought a cu live axle that has stepped down ends. Unfortunately the stepped down ends are fully threaded, so the wheel is sitting on threads, obviously the axle and wheel spin as one, so it doesn't have to turn on the...
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    Go Kart Axle

    Hello, I’m new to this website, but I had a question about a live axle. I recently purchased a custom axle for my go kart. It is 50 inches long in total, with a 40 inch keyed (1” OD) shaft, that steps down to a 5 inch long 5/8 inch threaded shaft on either end. The issue that I failed to...